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Mentoring women entrepreneurs in knowing, "I Am Enough" while helping them lead, live, and leverage their unlimited potential, power, and purpose in life, business, wealth, and so much more.

Fully supporting spiritual, heart-centered, highly ambitious women entrepreneurs in building their "fempire" - a profitable business organization that has several revenue streams and is making a powerful impact in the community or industry that her business serves. As more women step into their feminine power and leadership,  we will have greater impacts on our families, communities, and the world.


Let Dr. Anita inspire and motivate you on your spiritual feminine success journey in making the Unlimited Woman you were divinely created to be. Topics include, and not limited to, personal success mastery, mindset, wealth consciousness, and entrepreneurship.

AMJ Productions and Publications (AMJP2), we help entrepreneurs, like you, fulfill a lifelong dream or business goal in sharing their message with the world by becoming highly recognized and credible author in their field, brand, message, and business. We provide one-of-a-kind full publishing services that support authors in seeing their book become a reality within a short period-of-time.

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As an entrepreneur, your greatest success is in having the support and mentorship you need to help you create, build, launch, and lead a long-lasting, sustainable, and profitable business. Dr. Anita offers several coaching and consultation packages to help you become successful in your business utilizing her Unlimited Women Coaching Method. Go here for details.

Using certified therapeutic grade essential oils daily is one of the foundational keys to experiencing unlimited success in your personal life and business. Dr. Anita is building a powerhouse team of Wellness Advocates with DoTerra Essential Oils. As a team, Dr. Anita's goal is to lead high 6-figure achieves within two years or less. Find out how to join Dr. Anita's Wealthy Women in Wellness Team here.

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Testimonials for Dr. Anita M. Jackson

Dr. Anita is excellent at listening to my As creative spirit and an entrepreneur, I used to get caught, almost frozen, with overwhelm at the endless possibilities available to me, and at the endless planning and action it would take to achieve them. Working with Dr. Anita is a prolific experience. vision, and then guiding me into creating the manageable structures required to make my dreams a reality. She uses her vast knowledge of science and psychology to help me get clear, and feeling empowered to take action. And she does all of this with love and respect. I have deep gratitude and admiration for this woman.

— Ivana Siska, The Love Coach


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