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The cornerstone of success for a woman is in the development of her overall sense of self and her mindset - what she believes, her thoughts, her emotions, her energy and daily habits. This developmental process also includes a woman defining her own standards, principles, and values for herself in who she chooses to be, how she chooses to live, her feminine presences in the world (and her business), and the daily action steps she chooses to participate in every day.

If you have had the privilege of associating with highly successful women, you'll find that they have very specific feminine habits and rituals that they use to support their overall success in life, relationships, mindset, money, business, etc. They have learned through time that the more they honor who they are as women, the more they experience higher levels of unlimited success in their personal life and business.

In this self-paced, do-it-yourself program, and interactive group challenge, you will learn how to develop your feminine success oriented mindset and daily behaviors that align with your own values that will powerfully support you in developing the mindset and habits needed to create unlimited success in your personal life and business. Each day within the challenge, you will be guided in the process of developing specific habits and rituals that will empower you in how you think, feel, and live out your life daily ultimately guaranteeing your success


Designed to specifically help women powerfully raise and strengthen their spiritual, feminine, and powerful beliefs, perceptions, and daily actions as an Unlimited Woman so that every woman can experience higher levels of success continually.

This program is divided into sections:

Section 1: Introducing - The 21 Day Feminine Success Challenge
Section 2: Your Feminine Success Mindset Focus
Section 3: Your Next 21 Days
Section 4: Manifesting Your Success


Each section is designed to help you begin the process of reprogramming your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and daily habits for success. The more you adhere to the exercises in each section, the sooner you will start to experience success in every area of your life. It is believed that it takes 21 days to create, break, or change a habit. In truth, it takes approximately 64 days. HOWEVER, 21 days establishes the groundwork in helping your spirit, heart, soul, and even brain begin to focus on what matters most to you as you strive to manifest and fulfill your dreams and desires.

This is why Dr. Anita created The 21 Day Feminine Success Challenge (a beta program).

With a background in human development, personal success, leadership and business/organizational systems, Dr. Anita gives you simple but effective insights and activities to help you develop your higher sense of self as an Unlimited Woman.

Success is 90% energy management and 20% execution. In this challenge, you will learn how to develop the right types of energy management skills, mindset, and behaviors that can propel you to your next level of success.

Join Dr. Anita as she helps you develop your mindset and life for unlimited success NOW!

This program is offered as part of The Unlimited Woman Lifestyle & Business Network online membership program for $97 (valued at $197).

Your Success is HERE!

Your Success is NOW!

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