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5-Day Visibility Mini Crash Course 
with Dr. Anita M. Jackson


There has NEVER been a more powerful time in our history for spiritual, heart-centered feminine entrepreneurs to be seen, heard, and become role models to women worldwide all while becoming financially secure, independent and FREE  than NOW!



Despite all the amazing contributions women have already made, there is still more for us to do in transforming, healing, and becoming financially empowered in improving ourselves, our family, our community, and the world. One of the ways feminine entrepreneurs can step more powerfully into becoming leaders, speakers, and transformational coaches is to become more visible in share their brand, message, and business. 



You already know that visibility, for the online entrepreneur, is not an option but a necessity in making a strong, long-lasting, sustainable business that can make a global impact. 



That's why Dr. Anita is offering her 5-day Visibility Mini Crash Course with BONUS.



The main benefits of this crash course is to help you share your message in such a way that you gain increased visibility that translates into more "likes" on social media, increased social engagement with your tribe and/or ideal client, and position yourself in such a way that you become more attractive to speaking opportunities that leads to more high-end clients.  



Each day focuses on:



Day 1 - The Psychology of Behind Visibility - there is a psychology to allowing yourself to be seen, heard, and visibility in your business and once you understand it, you have the power to make a huge impact on your brand, message, and business.



Day 2 - Visibility is Your Message's Voice - believe it or not your brand and message have a powerful voice and once you understand that and know how to powerfully share it, you can increase your "likes" and attracted the right opportunities and clients. 



Day 3 - Prepare Your Message's Voice for Social Media - social media is one of the strongest mediums to helping you share your message with the world. Learn a few of Dr. Anita's "tricks" to getting more views, likes, opportunities, and clients. 



Day 4 - The Power of Association and Partnership - whether you're just starting out or have been an entrepreneur for some time, you know that true business success happens in relationship/partnership with others. 



Day 5 - Your Visibility Strategic Plan - SHARE Your Message - in our final installment, we talk about the importance of sharing your message and doing so consistently. Dr. Anita shared when and how to do so regularly. 



In addition, Dr. Anita is offering a BONUS.



Receive Dr. Anita's most popular telesummit audios, "Be Seen, Celebrated and Soar in Your Brand, Message, and Business - A Global Visibility Summit." Dr. Anita interviews several global experts and leaders who offer their strategies to creating and building a global brand. Each audio will empower and support your next level of success. 



In addition, Dr. Anita has included information sheets with actual strategies to helping you build your business visibility in 30 days or less.



Special Price: $97 (value $197)


Purchase your copy NOW and start your 5-day Visibility Mini Crash Course immediately.


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