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ntrepreneurship is an amazing journey one with many twists and turns that 

can powerfully lead to huge transformations and unlimited success for your personal life and family.  However, entrepreneurship can also be the cause of increased stressed, frustration, feelings of incompetence, self- doubt, insecurity, and overwhelmed - rightfully so considering that there are so many parts to building a well-grounded and functioning business. 

With all the different information out there given by all levels of coaches, experts, and gurus on how you "should" or "must" build and grow your business, it can be difficult to determine which entrepreneurial path is the right path for you. Yet, if you understood that every business goes through various phases of growth, transformation, development, and success AND if you knew what to expect from each phase, as well as what you could do at each phase, that information could powerfully help you take action and gain the results you want faster than you can imagine.


Some people think that optimism and passion are enough to help you build a successful business and, perhaps, in some cases, they are. However, what truly makes a business unlimited and successful is in the time invested in creating a well-thought out business strategic plan that will prove to make passion and optimism even more valuable.


In working with women entrepreneurs, in all industries, Dr. Anita noticed that 90% (if not more) did not have a business plan to help them make daily decisions to evaluating their progress in sharing their brand, message, and business or products worldwide.


This is why Dr. Anita created the 5 Phases to Your 6-figure Business Chart and Business Worksheets to show the five phases to building a successful, sustainable, lucrative, lifestyle business (regardless of industry). 

 5 Phases to Your 6-Figure Business

The Five Phases to Building a Sustainable, Lucrative, Lifestyle Business

The 5 Phases to Your 6-Figure Business Chart shows you the five phases to building a strong business:


  • Phase 1: Start-Up

  • Phase 2: Struggling

  • Phase 3: Survival

  • Phase 4: Growth and Thriving

  • Phase 5: Lifestyle & Impact

Each phase offers:

  • Information regarding its challenges

  • Monthly and yearly income

  • Strategic tasks to building your business

  • Which support team members to hire in helping you lead your business to unlimited success

  • And, how to develop your money master skills to support you in gaining the confidence you need to building, growing, launching, and experience great success on your entrepreneurial journey   


The chart is easy to read and follow in helping you identify where you are in your business as well as lists the strategic tasks to consider in order to help you move your business to the next level.


The business worksheets focus more specifically on all aspects of who you are as an individual as well as the leader of your business. We look at your mission and vision statements, core values, business identity, brand, and so much more. As you complete the worksheet, you will gain more insight and clarity helping you make better decisions when it comes to writing your strategic plan and moving your business forward.


For just $7, receive a PDF of this chart or for $27 receive Dr. Anita's e-book and Business Success Worksheets to go along with this chart helping you begin strategically begin building your sustainable, lucrative business.

Buy the Success Business Chart


Buy E-book, Success Business Chart & Worksheets



Needing support in taking your life and business to the next level? 
Want to learn feminine strategies and action steps that ensure more visibility and success? 
Check out Dr. Anita’s Success Lifestyle & Business Intensives.



With a background as a psychotherapist and organizational psychologist for 26 years, Dr. Anita has literally worked with 1000s of women on various issues from self-esteem, PTSD, sexual abuse and trauma, relationships, spirituality, money blocks, visibility, and building a global brand and business that makes a BIG impact.


Dr. Anita also works with women in helping them create a strong enough business plan that they can submit it as a business proposal for grants


  • This half-day virtual intensive is specifically designed to help you focus on getting crystal clear about your personal or business intentions, goals and desires. 

    • In business, this includes:

      • Identifying your signature message and program

      • Develop your ideal client avatar

      • Implement administrative back-office strategies

      • Create a brand visibility plan

      • Strategically design a money management and a business self-care plan that support results and success. 

  • Create a specific step-by-step strategic plan with milestones to help you gain the results you need for your success in 90 days

  • Includes 3, 30-min follow-up Success Sessions for accountability, progress and momentum for the accomplishing of your goals

  • Intensive can be done face-to-face for local Southern California residents or virtually

  • Virtual sessions are recorded and given to you as a mp3 and video for your reference and success library

  • Depending on intensive focus, materials and guides will be given to support your intensive success during and beyond your session with Dr. Anita (Value: $1500)


Total Investment: $997

Payment option is available at two (2) payments of $498.50 (must be requested in writing). Upon payment, you'll be taken to Dr. Anita's calendar to schedule an initial meeting to discuss and schedule your intensive. 

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