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Membership Program Becoming an Unlimited
This is a high-level immersion membership program designed to help highly spiritual, visionary, and ambitious women who want to get and stay in alignment with their higher self, truth, and power in order to boldly and powerfully step into their next level of unlimited success in life, business, wealth, and so much more!

There has never been a more powerful time for YOU to heal all past drama and activate your divine feminine power and truth in becoming UNLIMITED than now!

Unlimited Woman,


So many of us have been working extremely hard, hustling, and struggling to make ends meet, manifest our intentions, and live our best lives only to be frustrated, disappointed, and broke. We can't understand why we were so exhausted, overwhelmed, and discouraged in not seeing or experiencing the results we want from all our efforts. For highly spiritual, ambitious, and visionary women, such an experience equals a slow and internal death.

This slow death and dying process is usually caused by a few reasons such as: 

  • You feel disconnected, out of alignment, or off track with your authentic self, dreams, desires, and goals

  • You find yourself often feeling  overwhelmed by all the responsibilities you have in life and in your business

  • You are STILL struggling to live your higher purpose that allows you to attract and manifest your spirit and soul's deepest passions and desires

  • You deeply yearn to uplevel and scale your life and business so that you can finally be FREE to live the lifestyle that feeds your spirit and soul while building a new level of wealth and legacy you crave but may not really don't know how to bring it forward

Let me tell you, I know first-hand EXACTLY how you feel and I want to tell you something - the reason you desire these things is that you were divinely and biologically designed to have these things NOW.

What I know to be absolutely true is, when you heal into your highest self, learn higher feminine principles, values, and strategies to becoming an UNLIMITED WOMAN in every area of your life and business, you will start to experience what you desire easily and consistently.

When you embody your identity as an Unlimited Woman, your higher divine purpose, calling, and abundance without sacrifice starts to manifest with grace, ease, and flow in every area of your life and business. 

Unlimited Woman, THIS IS YOUR DIVINE RIGHT TOO! Becoming UNLIMITED means you're healing and becoming your divine YOU!   

Now, more than ever before, I am committed to and dedicating my entire life's work to women like YOU to finally be and have their best life that spiritually, energetically, and viscerally feeds their soul and sets them free from anything and everything that keeps them stuck, broke, frustrated, overwhelmed, and experiencing scarcity, lack, and struggle in any and every area in their life and business. 

This is why I am so excited, honored, and proud to introduce you to my higher Becoming an Unlimited Woman Membership Program.  

Dr. Anita here and  I am the founder and CEO of The Unlimited Woman Alliance, HER Global Voice, and AMJ Productions and Publications and I have a confession to make.


For years, if not ALL of my life, I have been living someone else's requirements, expectations, and beliefs about who I should be, what I should do, and what I could allow myself to have. I followed the rules because this is what "good girls" do if she is to be loved, accepted, and successful. Not truly knowing or understanding that these behaviors caused me to get out of alignment with my soul's purpose and desires.


Within these rules, I accomplished a lot and yet, despite all of my accomplishments, I still experienced ongoing depression, cycles of anger, grief, disappointments, weight gain, financial inconsistency (even while making great money), and loss after loss. All of this happened because, at a much deeper level, I was out of alignment with my higher self - being an Unlimited Woman!

In 2011, everything changed when I was laid off from my very successful and lucrative job as a university faculty counselor leading me to eventually close my thriving private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Organizational Psychologist. It was in this very heart wrenching and almost debilitating moment in my life that my world turned upside down. And yet, in the midst of everything, it became the best experience of my becoming. Such traumatic losses revealed several powerful ah-ha moments, paradigm shifts, wins and successes that have taught me the divine power of healing into my higher self, surrender, faith, trust, embodiment, and the visceral power of manifestation. 

Throughout this journey, I have learned and experienced the deeper power of becoming a higher quality vessel for receiving higher quality experiences. This deep visceral, spiritual, energetic, dark night of the soul, hero/shero's journey of healing helped me redefine, transform, evolve, and embody my higher self as unlimited and how I live my life as a woman, a daughter, a sister, a therapist, an organizational psychologist, a success mentor, a best selling author, speaker, and all the roles I live daily in every area of my life and business.

To ensure that what I had learned really can, not only change my life, but change the lives of others, I started to share my truth with my intimate group of girlfriends, my founding partners, and my clients. 


What thrilled my heart was to witness their own evolution as they started to experience the same type and other types of successes that aligned with their own deeper dreams and desires. It was the confirmation I needed in knowing that I had reached another level of feminine empowerment and truth that I now need to share with women worldwide, just like YOU!

You see, the more you heal into your higher self, your God-Self, improve the quality of your higher innermost being-ness, you begin to attract more miracles into your life. 


Unlimited Woman, THIS IS YOUR DIVINE RIGHT TOO! Becoming UNLIMITED means you're healing and becoming your divine YOU!   

Now, more than ever before, I am committed to and dedicating my entire life's work to women like YOU to finally be and have their best life that spiritually, energetically, and viscerally feeds their soul and sets them free from anything and everything that keeps them stuck, broke, frustrated, overwhelmed, and experiencing scarcity, lack, and struggle in any and every area in their life and business. 

This is why I am so excited, honored, and proud to introduce you to my higher Becoming an Unlimited Woman Membership Program.  

Becoming an Unlimited Woman

Membership Program

There has never been a more powerful time in our history for highly spiritual, heart-centered, visionary, global influential women to come from behind the mask and stop hiding than now.

It's time for us as women to stop being the best kept secret and begin to give ourselves a FULL body, soul, and spirit permission to live our best life unapologetically while sharing our greatest wisdom, gifts, and talents in order to make a BIGGER impact in our families, communities, and the world.


Queen's Inner Circle is designed to help highly spiritual, savvy, powerhouse women heal at a much deeper level in order to revolutionize who they are, how they live their lives, how they make and receive money all while making a bigger impact with their divine higher truth and self  that shifts them  into their next level of Unlimited Success in life AND in business. 

Membership Details


What is Becoming an Unlimited Woman Membership?

Membership is a gift to your spirit and soul as you learn highly spiritual and feminine principles and simple (yet powerful) strategies that allow it's members to slow down, reconnect within, learn to embody and implement feminine activities that powerfully and consistently manifest high-level results.

Membership Benefits 

Participating in our membership will dramatically improve your overall personal and business success by helping you in the following areas:

  • Exclusivity ~ be a part of an exclusive group of like-minded, success-oriented and goal-focused women supporting the success of each person AND the sisterhood at large

  • Wealth of Knowledge - have access to a wealth of knowledge and information from myself and each member to help you more powerfully utilize what you have available to you in accomplishing the goals you set for yourself and your business

  • Collaboration - here is your chance to develop your support system in helping you stay focused, accountable, and on track with your personal and business goals

  • Cross-promotion - there truly is power in partner associations. If you are just starting out or wanting to step into your next level in your life and business, participating in Becoming an Unlimited Woman Membership will powerfully help you gain the insight you need to receive support as you partner with other members in the group allowing cross-promotion of each other's services, programs, and products

  • Think BIGGER - As a member, you truly have the opportunity to be a part of a "Master Mind" where everyone is "thinking" on ideas to helping each member succeed

  • Growth and Advancement - growth, advancement, and momentum is rarely accomplished alone. Wherever you may feel overwhelmed, in survival mode, or stagnant, participating in this program is a great way to break through into your next level of support, results, and unlimited success

  • Energy - if we truly believe that everything is energy, then learning to manage, clear, and elevate your energy is crucial to experiencing flow and manifesting your dreams, desires, and goals. This happens when you are a member of a highly spiritual, ambitious, goal/results-oriented sisterhood and community focused membership and mastermind that can powerfully help you maintain the focus and energy you need to move forward and stay on track in the accomplishment your goals

At the core, Becoming an Unlimited Woman is designed with a few key goals in minds:

  • Empower you to become your divine, highest, and best version of yourself as an UNLIMITED WOMAN  

  • Recode your body, soul, and spirit to magnetize and attract your desires 

  • Receive continual accountability and support (never be or do it alone again)

  • Discuss lifestyle, business, visibility, and marketing strategies that can advance your success

  • Receive support, accountability, and strategies during setbacks, challenges, and disappointments

  • Share and celebrate your successes and that of your sisters (we're not going to be afraid to dream  or accomplish BIG things in this mastermind)

Participating in an immersive, highly divine, energetic, intuitive, strategic, interactive and experiential program this one allows you to:

  • Follow sacred spiritual principles and practices that activate your manifestation powers

  • Develop a clear and definite mission and vision of your higher self  

  • Commit to an intimate routine of divine and queenly self-care

  • Magnetize your self-esteem and self-confidence that increases your capacity to receive more clients, opportunities, and the wealth and abundance (money) that you deserve, desire, and need

  • Learn and understand the Universal laws to co-create with God as Source (you'll learn how to actually bend a spoon).

  • Follow a strategic plan that aligns with your intentions, goals, and desires

  • Allow yourself to receive on-going accountability and support to follow your greatness and desires

Imagine being a part of a sisterhood, community, and inner circle where you are free to truly be yourself, take off your masks, let down your hair, and not be afraid to BE and share the REAL you.

Imagine being celebrated by your powerhouse sisters when you step out of your comfort zone and pursue your BIG dreams.

Imagine feeling the energy and vibration of other high vibrational, like-minded women holding you accountable to your greatness, your power agreements, and so much more that you are guaranteed to accomplish your goals!

This is what you'll receive as a member of the Becoming an Unlimited Woman. 


Membership, Mentorship, 

and Mastermind Details


The Becoming an Unlimited Woman Membership Program is designed to help highly spiritual, savvy, powerhouse women revolutionize who they are, how they live their lives, how they make and receive money all while making a bigger impact with their divine higher truth and self  that shifts them  into their next level of Unlimited Success in life AND in business. 

The program is a high-level immersion membership program designed to help ambitious and busy women get into and stay in alignment for their next level of unlimited success in life, business, wealth and so much more!


Designed as a monthly online membership program, you will receive the following as a member:


Membership is being offered as a month-to-month online immersion and experiential process where you are guided, mentored and held accountable to identifying and designing the ideal lifestyle and experiences that empower you to live your best life as you lead your global empire to your highest level of unlimited success. 


Your Investment is $97 per month spaced 30 days apart.

  • Together, with other highly spiritual, vibrational, ambitious, and visionary women, our program will focus on:

  • Becoming Unlimited (what that means, looks like, and how you embody and live it daily)

  • Develop your spiritual, energetic, self-power and leadership

  • Reconnecting to your higher self that magnetizes opportunities, partnerships, and clients

  • Heal and become empowered in the area of your money psychology while learning a few wealth-building strategies (this is a multi-level approach)

  • Create a personal strategic plan that feeds your soul as well as helps you create the divine lifestyle you desire

More specifically,  our high-level membership offers:

1 x a month - Living in Your Overflow Calls with Dr. Anita. Each month you will join Dr. Anita via a phone call to receive living in your overflow training and support. This is all about increasing your capacity to allow and receive your dreams and desires,

Membership Benefits.png

1 x a month - an Energy Clearing Session with Dr. Anita and Jimmy Mack - Jimmy Mack is a spiritual and energetic medical intuitive using energetic modalities such as Access Consciousness and Reiki to help move stuck or stagnate energy. Dr. Anita uses spiritual and feminine principles to help you connect to your higher God-self.   These sessions are powerful and transformative with proven results. - Value $697 

2 x per month - a Money and/or Abundance Energy Clearing by Patricia LeBlanc – Patricia uses her own modalities Sacred Soul Activations and ISA Money Light Codes to help to clear and activate your money, wealth and abundant YOU so that you can step fully into your own power and create the life and business that you truly desire.. - Value $997

1 x per week - 15-minute tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) session lead by Dr. Anita - these sessions can  help you begin to heal and release all limiting beliefs (session offered every Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. PST) - Value $197

2 x per month - a Personal and Entrepreneurial Success Mastery Training offered by Dr. Anita or special invited guest, these training sessions will focus topics such confidence, mindset, manifestation, Universal Laws, publishing, speaking, podcasting, building a 6-figure business, etc. - Value $497

1 x per month Q & A Session on any topic offered within the community - Value $197

2 x per month - a Money Mindset and Financial Planning Mastery Training by Joyce Mills - time for more women to learn how to heal and master her money story that empowers her to create her own sacred money economy - Value $997

1 x per quarter - a Mini Luxury Excursion  - travel is a huge component to a woman learning how to reset, refresh, receive, and uplevel in her life and business - Value TBD

10% Discount on all of Dr. Anita's programs, products, and events

As a spiritual, heart-centered woman entrepreneur, you were not designed to “do it alone” in life and especially in your business. Your unlimited success is intricately connected to who you have as your support system in your personal life AND in your business. This is why participating in this high-level immersion Circle will powerfully and literally transform your life and success quickly.

Savvy Women.jpg

Who is this program for?

Becoming an Unlimited Woman has been designed for a very specific type of woman. If you are currently or in the past have experienced any of the following statements over the past three (3) years, this Circle is for you!

  • You have been or are currently at a crossroads in your life and/or business and feel unsure about your next goals and steps  

  • You know you have been called to live a bigger and higher quality life

  • You have unwittingly and/or unconsciously sabotaged, abandoned, or sacrificed your own needs and desires for the "good" of others 

  • You struggle with limiting beliefs about yourself, your desires, your money, and your business

  • You have accomplished a lot but still feel unfulfilled as if something is "still" missing

  • You have a tendency to place yourself last on the list

  • You have been and are currently working extremely hard, hustling even, but not seeing the real results you desire

  • You are feeling overwhelmed, even exhausted most of the time

  • You are surrounded by people but yet you feel lonely and maybe even alone

  • You are inconsistent in manifesting your money goals and dreams

  • You have noticed a dramatic change in your body, energy, and moods (everything seems out of balance)

  • You are ready to discover your unique path to feeling more grounded, connected, balanced, powerful, and open to receiving your desires

  • You are ready to learn how to master your ability to receiving (easier than you think)

  • You are ready to learn how to increase your feminine capacity in order to master your energy and time management in such a way that you become more productive in accomplishing the various tasks in your life and business


​At the core, this program is about you gifting yourself with the sacred support and accountability your desire to step into your highest level and best version of yourself unapologetically as an UNLIMITED WOMAN!

Our Circle Begins:

  • Open Enrollment

  • You will be added to our private Facebook group

  • As a member, you will receive Dr. Anita's most popular online digital programs:

    • More Visibility, More Profits

    • 21 Days to Feminine Success Mindset

    • Manifesting Your Success in 30-days


$53 per month

Special Membership Price to Celebrate Dr. Anita's Birthday - October 15 - November 15, 2019

The regular price of $97 will be activated on 11/15/2019

Membership Questions

Is this a subscription?

No. Becoming an Unlimited is more than just a subscription. It's a high-level sisterhood and success-oriented community for highly spiritual and ambitious women who desire to step into MORE life and unlimited success in every area of their life and business. When you join the program with the $53 option with 12 monthly payments spaced 30 days apart,  you are making a high level spiritual and energetic agreement to be a part of a sacred space with other like-minded women desiring to be more, have more freedom, and experience more success. What is required of you is just your showing up and attending as many sessions possible in our private Facebook group regularly so that you can take part in the training, audios, videos, and events as you powerful receive higher level shifts, transformation, and results for your unlimited success. To help you have the greatest experience possible, I and my team are committed to showing up, bringing high-level value, and providing incredible tools mentioned above, and so much more.


Can I receive coaching?

Dr. Anita does offer exclusive coaching packages to support your continued healing, growth and success. You can see her packages here:


How much time is required to participate?

The beautiful thing about our program is that it is designed to align with your schedule. However, what we have found is that the more you participate in our Facebook group and interact with Dr. Anita in very specific training, the faster you will experience shifts and uplevels in every area of your life and business. 

What about the Mini-Luxury Excursion Sessions? 

Something powerful and magical helps when women come together, especially when travel to luxurious destinations is included, we thrive. Once a quarter, Dr. Anita and her team will identify a short-term weekend excursion that allows women to incorporate more time to slow down, rest, refocus, and rejuvenate her body, soul, and spirit. Currently, we are working on our first excursion as a weekend event in Sedona, Arizona in 2020 and we're looking at a cruise in the second quarter. Details are being finalized now!

What about all the discounts mentioned?

Dr. Anita wants to always support women's highest level of unlimited success in their life and business, which is why she offers additional benefits to her services, programs, products, and events. When you join the program, you receive a 10% discount on all future offers from Dr. Anita. When you purchase additional services, programs, products, or events from Dr. Anita, please mention that you are a member of the Becoming an Unlimited Woman Membership Program to receive appropriate discounts.

When does the Circle start?

We offer open enrollment so any woman can join at any time. 

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