Be A Woman of Courage

Millions of women are bombarded, directly and indirectly, with messages that often cause us to feel ashamed about who we are, how we look, the desires we have, and how we live our lives. These messages have influenced a silent and yet epidemic mindset among women that we are not good enough. Such deadly messages has perpetuating a cultural response in women to work hard in order to prove ourselves as worthy enough, pretty enough, desirable enough, or good enough. Whether young or old, we are all negatively affected by these messages and it is not until we finally say “enough is enough” will we begin to see a change in how women are viewed, valued, and appreciated for their amazing giftedness

7 Ways To Stop Playing Small

I hear this phrase, “playing small” quoted everywhere. Even this morning in one of my Facebook groups it was the topic of discussion. Although I understand why this message is so important to discuss, I really hate the phrase – probably because most are saying it over and over again without ever explaining what it means or offering any type of real solution. And, I believe, our over focus on it, rather than the solutions to moving beyond it, is what continues to perpetuation this so-called “problem” ultimately and unconsciously causing most people to stay stuck. That’s when my psychologist brain kicked in and said, “…then you share the solution.” So, here’s my take on what “playing small” me

Mastering Your Success

Everyone wants to be successful. The idea of feeling and being holistically secure mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually and financially is considered an essential ingredient to living life abundantly. We work hard to have it. We often sacrifice our body, soul, spirit and those things we love most to experience it. We believe that in becoming successful it will give us the validation we so desperately desire and maybe even need. However, the pursuit of success, unfortunately, is all too often based on what we do to accomplish it rather than who we are. And, if we fail at becoming successful by external standards, it often negatively affects our overall sense of self whether immedi

The Psychology and Essence of an Unlimited Woman

The Psychology and Essence of a Unlimited Woman is a study and understanding of the mental, emotional, spiritual and behavioral aspects of a woman wanting to become a different type of woman…free from all titles of limitations. This psychology discusses the nine attributes of an unlimited woman, her needs, and the dysfunctions that happen when her needs are not met and are out of balance. The nine attributes are: sensual, sexual, femininity (our essence and personality), playfulness (the child, our little girl), achiever (leader), warrior (strength and courage), shadow (dark side), spiritual (divinity), mother (the nurture) Sensuality (our essence) A woman’s sensuality is responsible for her

Manifesting Abundance

Each and every day is an opportunity to manifest abundance. As women learn to allow themselves to receive more abundance in every area of their lives, we then have a greater capacity to give and this can only happen when women get back to our spiritual authentic truth and purpose. Here are a few steps to empower you to becoming a high-faith and high-vibrational woman. The core element to becoming a high-faith, high vibrational woman starts by divinely knowing you are enough in every aspect of being a woman. From there, it becomes fairly easy to begin experiencing a life of abundance, significance, meaning, and power. Steps to Experiencing Abundant Manifestations IF UNDER DOCTOR’S ADVICEME

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