Who Is The Unlimited Woman?

So exactly, who is the "Unlimited Woman? She believes in herself and in who God created her to be - her belief and faith in who she is, made in the image and divine likeness of the feminine side of God is the heartbeat of who she is and how she lives her life and operates her business on a daily basis She is madly in love with being a feminine woman - there is nothing more powerful than a woman who loves herself, her good, her bad, and even those parts of herself that she thinks is ugly. Why? Because she has come to a place within herself that, she is enough just where she is and THAT is FREEDOM. She has mastered the balance of her feminine and masculine energy - this balancing act is a powe

Unlimited Woman ~ You Matter!

Unlimited Woman, Here's a quick note today! I so want you to know how amazing and powerful and necessary you are. There is so much inside you that if released it would truly transform you and all those around you. Today, dear one, I hope you love YOU more and decided to finally be brilliant and unlimited in your life and business. You ARE Enough...Always Have Been...Always Will Be! Don't forget to receive your free gifts from me. Check out the rest of my pages to find out what I'm offering. #UnlimitedWoman #iamenough

Your Journey of Becoming

Every woman is on a journey, this journey is to help her evolve into becoming who she is, and who she was divinely created, called, and destined to be…unlimited. Through twists and turns of her journey, a story merges that influences her perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors as to who she is and how she shows up and lives her life and leads her business. Within the pages of her story are many lessons, gems of truth that if learned can powerfully empower her to step into her next level of outrageous success in her personal life and business. Unfortunately, too many women are overworked, overwhelmed, unhappy, and unfilled to even take the necessary time to “learn” the lessons of her life, which

As a Feminine Entrepreneur, Are You Thriving or Merely Surviving in Your Business?

I hate to admit it, but for a VERY long time I lived in survival mode doing everything I can just to keep my head above the waters and some days it just didn’t work. Because of how I was raised, what I unconsciously believed, and being an A-personality type of person (meaning I am very ambitious and driven by my sense of purpose, mission and my accomplishments and success), I never really let others know what was actually going on with me (what you resist, persist – boy was that ever true). I’m happy to say I have accomplished an awful lot in my life and I’m very proud of that; however, being busy and accomplishing a lot doesn’t necessarily mean you’re living. It wasn’t until I was stopped i

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