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Design Your Brand, Message, and Business for Corporate Services

Here is your opportunity to partner with Dr. Anita as she helps you customize your brand, message, and business to offer your coaching services, products, and programs to all levels of employees at various corporations.

Are you looking to uplevel your services, make a bigger impact, sell your high-ticket offers, and position yourself for an ongoing increase in revenue? 

If you are...

  • Ready to uplevel your business by offering your services to corporations

  • Feel overwhelmed by trying to figure out your next steps

  • Struggling to promote your high-ticket offers

  • Hiding in plain sight (you're the best-kept secret)

  • Determined to move toward making a greater impact and experiencing more fulfillment

  • Looking for ongoing speaking opportunities that can lead to more clients

...but you do not have the time to commit to a three, six, or longer coaching program?

I can help!

At the beginning of the pandemic, all of my paid and non-paid speaking contracts ended. Although I was doing well, I had not built up my business to handle the downfall that came with all the changes the pandemic brought. This is when I decided to return to corporate but I didn't want a full-time job. Through an association of mine, I was introduced to a corporate trainer opportunity that quickly allowed me to become an executive corporate trainer gaining insider secrets to promoting professional seminar trainer services to large corporations like Verizon, Nokia, Samsung, Digicel, and more.

Through ongoing communication with decision-makers at these organizations, I gained profound insight and strategies to offer my services to major corporations. This is what led me to design and launch the Power HER Success Alliance. We are currently in contract review and are pursuing several corporations to offer our ongoing professional seminar services this year.

For a VERY short period of time, I am offering my Pitch Your Business to Corporations VIP Intensive to women who are already established or have several elements of their business already designed and ready to offer to major corporations after gaining specific details and instructions to align your services to support corporations. If done correctly, your business can yield an abundance of ongoing speaking opportunities and clients. 

Your intensive is offered as a three to four hour coaching session via Zoom or divided into two 2-hour sessions also offered via Zoom. 

You will receive very detailed instructions and guidance on who, what, and how to pitch your business to corporations, which also includes the top corporate and network associations and their details and requirements for pitching your business. There are a lot of intricate elements to know when it comes to offering your services. 

In this webinar, we will cover...

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Confident Businesswoman

Come learn how to take your brand, message, and business to the next level.
Wednesday, March 30 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. pst
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