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My Darling Power Sister,


There has never been a more crucial time for highly spiritual, visionary, and ambitious women to become leaders and influencers who are here to make a legendary mark in the world with their brand, message, and business than now.


As the CEO of your business, you have a powerful responsibility to show up in a dynamic way that enables you to make a big impact in the hearts, minds, and souls of your audience, community, and tribe. This is done by you making a conscious decision to embody, integrate, and function under your Queenship as you lead your life and business. Within all of this, strategy is necessary. Being intentional in who you are and how you choose to build and lead your business is essential to your legacy and unlimited success.

This is why your focus must be on building your fempire.

A fempire is a business run by a woman who uses spiritual and feminine principles and strategies while offering multiple services that create multiple streams of income enabling her to make a bigger impact on the lives of others. 

To accomplish this powerfully and effectively, you must learn and understand how to build your business's foundation and infrastructure, which is so much more than just creating your brand and sharing your message on social media. 

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Power Sister,

Dr. Anita Jackson personally invites you to her upcoming 5-month Build Your Fempire Mastermind and Retreat, a highly focused and results-oriented mastermind designed to help you strategically build and scale your brand, message, and business for more visibility, impact, financial increase, and success!



This mastermind is for the woman who...


YEARNS to create a lifestyle and brand that honors her time, energy, passion, goals, dreams, and desires.

KNOWS she called to be the Queen of her own life as well as her business.


KNOWS she has a dynamic message to share with the world. 

KNOWS she is ready to redefine her money and wealth consciousness in order to attract and make the kind of money she desires from a place of wisdom, mastery, ease, flow, grace, elegance, power, and consistency.

She is no longer willing to settle for less in any area of your life and business.

She has spent thousands of dollars on other programs and coaches but STILL hasn't received the results she desires. NO MORE!

Acknowledges that she needs real help in creating her fempire's foundation and infrastructure for real results and success.

And finally...

This mastermind is for every woman who is READY to fully commit to her next level of feminine power and unlimited success in EVERY area of her life and business.






With Dr. Anita, you will learn key feminine and practical strategies to fulfill your goals in building your fempire!

What's Included:

  • A 3-day luxury retreat at a private Beverly Hills Villa in Hollywood, CA (travel arrangements excluded)

  • Two, 2-hour Fempire Building Mastery Calls per month

  • Dr. Anita's top-selling digital program and additional materials on how to build a 6-figure business and offer high ticket packages

  • Prior to our retreat, receive a Success Aura Screening (value $497)

  • Receive the Healy Holistic Health Edition (this is POWERFUL - value: $1015.00 - designed to help you get into and stay in coherence. This is all about your energy, frequency, and vibration for healing and unlimited success)

What You Will Experience At This Mastermind and Retreat: ​

  • A community of highly spiritual, visionary, and ambitious globally focused like-minded women who will become your lifelong sisters 

  • Develop your deeper vision, embodied presence, and radiant confidence by tapping into your Queenhood

  • Time to assess where you are and where you want to go next in your life and business

  • Reconnect and redefine your soul's and spiritual higher self's Sacred Why 

  • Redefine and create your own wealth roadmap

  • Go deeper into accessing your own spiritual and feminine wisdom that activates your feminine intuition and power

  • Develop mastery around receiving full support and abundance 


During this mastermind, you will also:

  • Take a 360-degree view of your life and business to assess your blind spots and blocks

  • Refocus and redesign your calendar and schedule to maximize your time and energy so you can focus on strategy, productivity, profitability, leadership, and team support

  • Learn key strategies to help you get and stay grounded, keep your energy and vibration high, magnetize your ability to attract money, and create momentum in every area of your life and business

  • Develop successful partnership alliances with other women entrepreneurs

  • Simplify your business model to enable you to serve more clients, amplify your business growth potential, increase your brand, message, and business visibility

  • Learn the dynamics of creating joint venture partnerships in your life

  • Elevate your role as a feminine leader in your field

  • Focus on your money and wealth mastery

    • Learn spiritual, energetic, and practical strategies to help you create multiple streams of income and master the art of receiving​

  • Get REAL results monthly and quarterly for 2024


Our Mastermind Retreat

Our mastermind and retreat are all about YOU!


Our mastermind starts with:

  • Living in Overflow retreat at a private luxury villa. 

    • Dates: August 15 - August 18, 2023

    • Location: Beverly Hills, Hollywood, CA  (if traveling, use LAX Airport for your flight arrangements)

    • All housing and meal arrangements (except for travel) will be made by Dr. Anita's team and is included in your mastermind investment​

    • A retreat Welcome Packet with a schedule will be sent to you two to three weeks before our retreat.

No topic is off limits during our mastermind; however, we will be focusing mostly on fempire building strategies that you can implement easily and immediately after our mastermind.


Such strategies include:

  • Identifying and designing your core fempire core principles and values to help you build your foundation and infrastructure

  • Launching and monetizing your own podcast or online TV show/network 

  • Publishing your brand book anthology or magazine 

  • How to create multiple passive income streams for your coaching programs

  • Sales funnels

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Program and product development

  • Joint ventures

  • Summits and hybrid events

  • Top-of-mind brand strategies

  • Team dynamics

  • How to create high-ticket offers

  • Pitching your services to corporations

 Mastermind Retreat Location

Private luxury villa in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, CA
The address will be disclosed upon attendance confirmation

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Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 11.16.58 PM

Meet Your Fempire Mentor
Dr. Anita M. Jackson


Dr. Anita M. Jackson is the founder and CEO of Power HER Success Alliance, AMJ Productions and Publications, and The Leading Man Institute. She is the #1 best-selling author and publisher of multiple books and magazines. She was the former executive producer of multiple online radio and TV shows on two major online TV networks.  She is also a highly sought-after speaker for various events, podcasts, and summits. She has over 32 years of experience in higher education, mental health, organizational leadership, and psychology with 18 years as an executive corporate trainer.

Dr. Anita has a very discerning gift and unique flair for helping women tap into their deeper divine self-power as well as helping them position themselves for higher visibility and impact in life, business, wealth, and so much more. 

Build Your Fempire Mastermind Investment Placeholders (1).png
Build Your Fempire Mastermind Investment Placeholders.png

In this upgrade, you will receive:

Please only submit your application if you are SERIOUS about joining and investing in this mastermind if invited to do so.
Financing options are available for this mastermind.  

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