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About the Course

This is Dr. Anita's signature program on the topic of helping women become more UN-limited in life, business, wealth, and so much more. This a video program and includes a 1:30-min coaching session with Dr. Anita.

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Your Instructor

Dr. Anita M. Jackson

Dr. Anita is the founder and CEO of the Unlimited Woman, Power HER Success Alliance, and AMJ Productions and Publications.

She was Sr. Executive Producer of Outrageous Success Women's Network Channel (powered by VoiceAmerica Network), producing and broadcasting online TV shows promoting the empowerment and success of women worldwide. She was he host of Outrageous Success Women’s TV and The Unlimited Woman TV Show for three years.

Through AMJ Productions and Publications, she is the publisher of I Am Enough Magazine, an international recognized online magazine, and the Unlimited Woman Magazine, which is a lifestyle, luxury magazine mentoring spiritual, heart-centered women in making a conscious decision to be unapologetic in creating, living and having an outrageously successful life and business (magazine will be published 2017).

She is a #1 Best-Selling Author of her own book “Becoming Outrageously Successful: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Purpose, Fueling Her Passion and Unlocking Her Prosperity, Success Secrets for Today’s Feminine Entrepreneur, HER Global Voice, Power HER Success, and is a co-author in nine additional best-selling books.

She is a powerful speaker having spoken on multiple stages, summits, podcasts and live radio shows. She has a strong background in strategic planning, corporate consultation, and organizational leadership and wellness.

With 37 years of experience in personal and business psychotherapy, Dr. Anita works with women worldwide in deeply and profoundly reaching their highest and fullest potential while reaching outrageous success in who they are, what they desire, and how they make an impact in their lives, their family and the world.

Dr. Anita M. Jackson

Becoming an Unlimited Woman





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