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Cruising Through Menopause Co-Author Invitation

This option is for those interested in participating in Gwen Harris's Cruising Through Menopause Co-Author Book Project for 2020.

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Cruising Through Menopause Co-Author Invitation
Cruising Through Menopause Co-Author Invitation

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Private Facebook Group

About The Event

Welcome, Future Co-Author!

Thank you for your interest in participating as a possible co-author in Gwen Harris's "Cruising Through Menopause Anthologies" published through AMJ Productions and Publications with Dr. Anita M. Jackson, Publisher in promotion with Harris Holiday Cruises. We anticipate publishing at least four (4) books in 2020.

Gwen's vision for these anthologies is to empower, inspire, and support women going through the various stages of menopause. We are accepting 30 co-authors per book to be promoted on each cruise for 2020. You can find out more about each cruise at Each book will share empowering and inspirational stories from women worldwide telling their experience, lessons learned, and strategies for dealing with menopause in every area of their personal life and business. 

Our book investment price is $700.

To be considered as a co-author in one of these books, we ask that all participants complete our Co-author Application and writing questionnaire with a $250 application fee. This fee will be applied toward your book investment of $700 if you are accepted as a co-author in one of our books. The remaining balance of $450 will be due on a specific date based on the book you have been selected to participate in for 2020. 

Upon submitting your application fee here, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to submit your co-author application materials. Please review, complete, and submit your co-author materials as soon as possible.  

If you are not accepted for any book project, $200 will be returned to you via CashApp. The remaining $50 is retained for administrative publishing fees and is NON-REFUNDABLE

We are accepting 100 applications and selecting 30 co-authors per book.  Due to the volume of applications and writing questionnaires we must review, we ask for a 60-day review period. We will contact you by email if you are accepted or not. This email will come directly from Dr. Anita M. Jackson, Publisher, from

Here are additional details about the anthology process:

As a co-author in this book, you will be allowed to submit a chapter (1500 words) on a topic that best highlights your journey through menopause.  

Anthology Participation

Your participation in this anthology includes the following:

1. Anthology Management – book support and guidance will be given by AMJP2. This involves the creation and management process of publishing and marketing the anthology

2. Visuals – each author will receive social media graphics such as banners and book announcements to promote and market your book

3. Editing – all chapters will be reviewed twice for correct syntax, punctuation, and spelling. AMJP2 may provide additional editing reviews to ensure perfection.

4. Submission to print – cover and back book creation, ISBN number, print review for other country submissions (Canada and Europe)

5. Larger audience visibility – 30 authors or more included in the book

6. Instant creditability and prestige - step into becoming a leader and expert while becoming a #1 international best-selling author

7. Joint venture opportunities - for increased exposure, speaking engagements, and clients

8. Reduced publishing cost compared to traditional publishing cost  - chapter inclusion instead of entire book

9. Your Intellectual Property and Copyrights – By participating in this anthology, you agree to allow the Compiler and AMJ 

Productions and Publications with Dr. Anita M. Jackson to use your written information for the development, publication, and promotion of this book. To maintain this book’s copyright integrity, we request that you do not use any information written in your chapter verbatim in any other written document or format for one year.

10. Increased visibility  

Pros and Cons to Co-Authorship


· Published Under Another Person's Brand

· You Have One Chapter in the Book vs. An Entire Book When Compared to Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing


· Pay Substantially Less to Co-Publish Than with Traditional or Self-Publishing

· Have an Experienced Team Handling all the Production or Editing or Design Elements

· Co-Promote/Network with Many Other Successful Women Across Many Industries for Years to Come

· Have an Experienced Marketing Team to Make the Book Successful for You

· Leverage Another's Brand and Years of Success

· You Can Purchase Books at Cost and Resale for Profits

· And You Have the Potential to Become a #1 Amazon International Bestselling Author

Anthology Cost

Total Book Participation: $700 

Anthology Word Cou

1500 words max (300 words of 1500 should be used for your bio)

Anthology Projected Publication Date 

Based on the book you have been selected to participate in

Anthology Projected Book Retail Cost

$17.95 – $24.95

Typical co-author print price is $2 - $4 per book ordered

If you are interested in participating in this anthology, please submit your application fee now and follow all instructions given to you in your confirmation email OR contact Dr. Anita directly at

Upon approval, you will receive additional instructions on the anthology timeline, payment schedule, and the writing criterion for your chapter. You will also be added to a private Facebook group by Gwen Harris or Dr. Anita. Dr. Anita will guide you through the step-by-step process of being a co-author in one of these Harris Holiday Cruise Books. 

Each co-author will be given a free 30-min writing consultation session with Dr. Anita to help you identify the best strategies for sharing your empowering and inspirational story.

I am beyond excited about this opportunity and your possible participation in becoming a #1 Best-Selling Author with me in 2020.

Any questions, please contact me directly at

I am looking forward to becoming a second time international #1 besting selling author with you.

To Your and Our Success, 


Dr. Anita M. Jackson

Founder and CEO of

AMJ Productions & Publications

Becoming an Unlimited Woman 

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Anita, Publisher at


  • Co-Author Application Fee

    Application fee submission for Gwen Harris's "Cruising Through Menopause Anthologies" 2020.




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