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Now until January 31, 2018


Access within 48 Hours

Elevate Your Success Mindset for 2018

Your unlimited success is dependent upon your mindset, focus and manifestation skills. Receive Dr. Anita's top 3 training programs (21 Days to Your Feminine Success, 30 Days to Manifest Your Unlimited Success, and Elevate Your Wealth Mastery) to help you confidently step elevate your success in 2018

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Elevate Your Success Mindset for 2018
Elevate Your Success Mindset for 2018

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Now until January 31, 2018

Access within 48 Hours

About The Event

Message from Dr. Anita

Unlimited Woman,

I want you to know that I am deeply committed to helping more women LIVE ALIVE and UNLIMITED than just working all the time.

With everything within me, I undoubtedly believe that 2018 is going to be a POWERFUL year on so many levels. My team and I have been meeting over the past few months as I shared my next year vision for the Unlimited Woman Movement.

Our deeper focus, intention, and goals for next year will center on helping more women LIVE ALIVE and UNLIMITED.

Too many women have fallen into the unconscious trap of believing that she must work really hard and alone in order to become successful and/or make money, whether in her personal life and especially in her business. This mindset and behavior has influenced a silent epidemic among most women entrepreneurs leaving them to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted, and broke. Well…NO MORE!

I strongly believe that your success is deeply connected to and dependent upon your mindset, beliefs, thoughts, energy, and behaviors. With 26 years of experience as a psychotherapist and organizational psychologist, I have firsthand experience watching powerful women fall into ruin due to poor mindset, lack of support, and challenges with money. This is why, I’m using my expertise is in spirituality, mindset, vision casting, business strategic planning and global visibility to help women worldwide, learn simple, easily applicable techniques and strategies to develop their unlimited success mindset.

To help you begin mastering your mindset for MORE success in 2018, I am offering my top 3 popular online programs to help. The programs are:

21 Day Feminine Success Mindset Challenge

The cornerstone of success for a woman is in the development of her overall sense of self and her mindset - what she believes, her thoughts, her emotions, her energy and daily habits. This developmental process also includes a woman defining her own standards, principles, and values for herself in who she chooses to be, how she chooses to live, her feminine presences in the world (and her business), and the daily action steps she chooses to participate in every day (value $197). They say it takes 21 days to create a new mindset and habit. This program helps you do just that…create a mindset for more unlimited success.

30-Days to Manifest Your Unlimited Success

This course is designed to help you learn the principles, strategies, techniques, and approaches to POWERFULLY help you manifest your goals, intentions, dreams and desires with ease and consistency. What you will gain from this series is the confidence, assurance, knowledge, and skills you need in order to help you turn your life and business around and actually begin to receive the RESULTS you want NOW. In just 4 weeks, we will begin to lay the right foundation in helping your manifest what you want NOW (value $397)

Elevate Your Wealth Mastery (Video Series)

For 2 weeks, Dr. Anita shares suggestions and strategies to help you begin to redefine and redevelop your wealth mastery muscles. This challenge was popular in helping attendees identify they money and wealth traps, beliefs, and thought patterns that keeps them broke. Each video is approximately 30 minutes and filled with valuable information along with easy strategies to begin changing your mindset around money and wealth ($197).

Since we are closing all our past programs and changing our business focus and intention, we are offering these bundled courses at my special Celebrate 2018 Unlimited price of $67 until January 31, 2018.

In addition, we are also launching our high-end exclusive lifestyle and luxury digital bi-monthly (6 issues) magazine called Unlimited Woman Exclusive next year. We have already scheduled top experts in personal and entrepreneurial success mastery asking them to share their "insider secrets" to creating an unlimited lifestyle and 6-figure business. Confirmed top experts include Jessica Riverson, Tara Travis, Angela Carr-Patterson, and two well-known BIG experts will be gracing the cover of our magazine and sharing some of their amazing gifts with our readers. We are super excited about this opportunity to introduce you to them next year.

To receive a one-year subscription and all three audio programs, our Celebrate 2018 Unlimited price is $97. Our first issue releases March 6 (but you will receive it first as an early subscriber). We are currently designing the magazine NOW and it looks AMAZING!

We have some really amazing masterminds, community gatherings, and events coming in 2018 ALL to help you LIVE ALIVE and UNLIMITED in every area of your life and business.

Get your programs and magazine subscription NOW before prices go up January 31, 2018.

If you are SO ready to LIVE rather than work rather than work your life away missing what really matters, these program will help you build a strong and powerful foundation of self-knowing, confidence, and truth that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

To Your Unlimited Success,

Dr. Anita


  • Top 3 Success Mindset Programs

    Receive Dr. Anita's Top 3 online success mindset programs: 21-Days to Feminine Success Mastery 30-Days to Manifesting Your Unlimited Success Elevate Your Wealth Mastery

  • Programs & UW Exclusive Mag

    Receive Dr. Anita's Top 3 Online Success Mindset Programs and 6 issues of Unlimited Woman Exclusive Digital Magazine (1st issue release March 6, 2018). Programs are: 21-Days to Feminine Success 30-Days to Manifesting Your Unlimited Success Elevate Your Wealth Mastery




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