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Wed, Jun 16


Virtual & Private Facebook Group

Feminine Success & Wealth Mastery High Immersion Program (BETA)

As a woman, you were created to be open and free in your body, soul, and spirit. Join Dr. Anita in this 21 day program designed to help attendees shift from a place of anxiety, feeling stuck, and overwhelm to experiencing balance, peace, and abundance that quantum leaps you to unlimited success.

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Feminine Success & Wealth Mastery High Immersion Program (BETA)
Feminine Success & Wealth Mastery High Immersion Program (BETA)

Time & Location

Jun 16, 2021, 6:00 PM PDT – Sep 01, 2021, 8:00 PM PDT

Virtual & Private Facebook Group

About The Event

Dr. Anita welcomes and introduces you to the Unlimited Woman Success Series (Beta)  ~ Feminine Success & Wealth Mastery!

"You do not attract what you want, you attract who you are!" Dr. Wayne Dryer

You, Unlimited Woman, must always remember that your greatest source of power, outside of God, and investment is YOU! 

The foundation of your unlimited success in all areas of your life and business is crucially dependent upon you healing into your highest version of who you are as a woman, an entrepreneur, and in all the roles you live in your life without limits. Without doing so, you will inevitably struggle unnecessarily and possibly for too long.

The number 1 reason that most women struggle is that we do not and have not fully accepted or allowed our true divine and feminine nature to come forward and be fully realized and expressed.  We unconsciously live in ongoing self-sabotage which is the root cause of the imposter syndrome which will ALWAYS create limits.

My deep and dark personal journey of loss, major setback, financial hardship, and homelessness taught me powerfully that I had unconsciously lost myself, denied myself, sabotaged myself, sacrificed myself, and had created a belief system with behaviors of anxiety, settling for mediocrity, allowing the "I can have this or that" syndrome, overwhelm, and the cycle of feast and famine was ok, even acceptable. 

The core lesson - if you do not heal the root cause of old past issues, mindsets, belief systems, and behavioral patterns, you will unconsciously maintain them until you experience a traumatic crisis to give you a radical awakening. 

Last year was our global pandemic was (and in some ways still is) our radical awakening and what I know to be ABSOLUTELY TRUE,  is that if you have not healed into your higher self,  your old issues, mindsets, belief systems, and behavioral patterns WILL NOT CHANGE. This is a spiritual, energetic, and brain-based scientifically researched truth UNLESS you consciously and continually focus to change them!

Over the past two years, believe it or not, I shut down. I pulled back and literally just did the bare minimum. I was burned out and no matter how hard I tried to do anything, even in my business, I was not fully there. With pockets of success, I had to really sit still (which for me is VERY difficult), go within, and figure out what was so wrong. 

Despite all my hard work, years of experience as a psychotherapist and business psychologist/consultant, and a very long running list of accomplishments, and the thousands of clients I have powerfully supported, I was still miserable, depressed, overweight, and in many ways upside down financially (despite making great money). Something was wrong and I really couldn't see it because I was trained to hustle,  never let someone see you sweat, have faith in God, and keep going no matter what. So, I did.

What came forward, repeatedly, was that I had, once again, slipped into the masculine way of being and doing, despite knowing better, and had created the lie that I was balanced when in truth, I wasn't. This is when God started to peel back the layers (over the past five years and especially in 2020) and helped me face myself and redefine what it means to be a divine, feminine, ascended, wealthy woman. 

Thankfully, God loved me so much that he allowed me to lose EVERYTHING in order for me to be redesigned for my next level of UNLIMITED SUCCESS!

Here's what has and continues to prove as divine truth - as women, we are not meant to hustle, push, grind, only give, sacrifice ourselves, deny our needs, wants, or desires EVER. Doing so literally throws things out of balance for ourselves, our families, and the world. Because I was not in full alignment with my higher self, balanced self, a healed self, nothing was ever enough!

As a  formally trained scientist constantly watching others, I see this, even more so now, in so many women. As much as we talk about NOT DOING IT, we still do because it's an unconscious habit - a pattern - that CAN BE CHANGED but it requires very specific and holistic attention and process. 

At the core, and on multiple levels, women MUST learn how to activate and strengthen their ability to receive in order to literally balance their divine power to influence and impact all those around them. If you have only mastered giving and sacrificing yourself, then receiving takes practice!

This is why I created the Feminine Success & Wealth Mastery Coaching Experience (Beta).


  • Gain a deeper spiritual and psychological understanding of your feminine power
  • Align and integrate higher success blueprints and codes for your personal life and business
  • Learn practices and rituals to helping you mastery feminine success
  • Be supported in identifying your higher self
  • Manifest your higher healed version of your dreams and desires
  • Focus on wealth and money mastery
  • Gain training on how to create and build your own fempire that helps you take your brand, message, and business to an entirely new global level
  • Learn from Dr. Anita and Feminine Guest Experts sharing their insider secrets to feminine success mastery in life, business, wealth, and so much more

Phase I - Your Feminine Becoming - The Foundation to Unlimited Success

Start Dates: Wednesday, June 16 at 6:00 to 7:30 pm PST

Group Sessions: Zoom

Training: Private Facebook Group


30 Day Focus:  Assessing Your Holistic Success  

Your Female Brain and the Power of Your Mindset

The Psychology of Your Belief System

Feminine Empowerment

Becoming Unlimited

Activate Your Embodiment

Each week includes training from me, group accountability and support, weekly 1:1 session with me, and manifestation activation exercises

What You Will Experience and Receive!

  • A spiritual and holistic approach to feminine success -  learning the balance of why and how to "becoming" your HIGHER SUCCESSFUL SELF
  • A step by step process to healing into your divine self that magnetizes the success you desire
  • Increase your overall clarity about who you are as a woman, leader, and CEO of your business, and in every role you lead
  • Increase your self-awareness that leads to self-confidence that attracts success easily, effortlessly, and continuously
  • Develop high-level mindset mastery for unlimited success - This is the power of your FEMALE brain!
  • Strengthen your ability to make powerful decisions for great wealth, abundance, and success in life and business
  • Receive the "I Am Enough" Manifesto to help you anchor in your new subconscious reprogramming to RECEIVE your desires
  • Learn how to raise your energy and vibration for success and money
  • Develop a stronger and healthy wealth mindset and behaviors to receive money NOW
  • Design your feminine and wealthy lifestyle
  • Strengthen your receiving muscles (all about manifestation)
  • Receive program worksheets and materials

This is a beta coaching experience and LIMITED to 10 women ONLY due to the intimate and beautiful unveiling nature of this coaching experience.

Phase 1 Value: $4997

Beta Coaching Investment $1997 or four payments of $597/

I'm asking for your feedback and to interview you on my TV show and Clubhouse


  • Coaching Full Pay

    The Feminine Success & Wealth Mastery Coaching Experience Investment is $1997 paid in full. No refunds!

  • Coaching Payment Option

    The Feminine Success & Wealth Mastery Coaching Experience Investment is $1997 - Payment Option: four payments of $597 on a 30-day payment cycle all collected on the 5th of each month.




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