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Private Zoom and WhatsApp Group

Feminine Wealth Immersion ~ A 10-week Rewire Your Brain for Wealth, Abundance, and Money (Group 4)

Join this 10-week Rewire Your Female Brain for Wealth, Abundance, and Money with Dr. Anita in 2023. This is a self-directed group process offered through WhatsApp and Zoom.

Feminine Wealth Immersion ~ A 10-week Rewire Your Brain for Wealth, Abundance, and Money (Group 4)
Feminine Wealth Immersion ~ A 10-week Rewire Your Brain for Wealth, Abundance, and Money (Group 4)

Time & Location

Open Enrollment

Private Zoom and WhatsApp Group

About The Event

Join Dr. Anita, Founder and CEO of the Power HER Success Alliance, as she guides you on an 10-week journey of Feminine Wealth Immersion. Offered as a self-directed and group process, Dr. Anita uses brain-based information, neuropsychology, metaphysical science, and based on the Abundance Book by John Randolph Price, Dr. Anita will guide you step-by-step in helping you learn principles, sacred money strategies, and intentional techniques specifically designed to help you immerse your female brain in all things related to feminine wealth, abundance, and money. 

This is not just another program about dealing with your limiting beliefs, or improving your relationship with! This is so much more!

This immersion process is about rewiring your brain's neurological patterns and firing your synapsis for wealth, abundance, and money that will help you POWERFULLY address your limiting beliefs and your relationship with money at a visceral (cellular) level.

On this 10-week journey, we will accomplish the following:

  • Reconnect and redefine what money, wealth, and abundance is for you NOW
  • Reassess past traumas that are indirectly and directly influencing how you RECEIVE wealth, abundance, and money
  • Immerse your body, soul, and spirit in specific techniques to REWIRE your brain on wealth abundance, and money

Using the following techniques, and more, you will deeply and powerfully see your own beliefs, thoughts, emotions, self-esteem, values, energy,  frequency, and vibration towards wealth, abundance, and money UPLEVEL and transformation dramatically after the 10-weeks. 

Your Feminine Wealth Immersion Process:

  • Brain-based training video from Dr. Anita 
  • Weekly 15-min group meditation and EFT Abundance Session (tapping)
  • Weekly Abundance Principle Journal Prompting
  • Weekly Luxury Immersion Activity
  • Group Energetic Boost Session (25 minutes)
  • Group assignment check-in support (WhatsApp & Zoom)
  • Q & A Session (3 sessions to be arranged based on group needs)

Each of the above activities, if fully utilized, will develop and strengthen your female brain in creating as well as focusing on ALLOWING more wealth, abundance, and money into your life and business. 

Results from former participants:

  • Increased self-worth and confidence
  • Clarity around personal wealth, abundance, and money
  • Attract more opportunities
  • Developing high-level money strategies
  • Increased energy, frequency, and vibration for overall health and wealth
  • Improved relationships
  • Increase fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Increase of manifestation abilities to RECEIVE what you desire
  • Grant for $25k
  • Two new long-term corporate contracts
  • An all-expense paid vacation
  • Business funding for $60k
  • New homes (three)
  • Increase flow of clients
  • Increased flow of money
  • Paid speaking opportunities (five women)
  • New corporate clients (two women)
  • New car (two women)
  • Legal issues resolved
  •  Aligned high-level joint venture partnerships
  • New romatic relationships

Program Schedule - January 11 - March 15, 2023 

 Sessions will be offered through WhatsApp or Zoom

Immersion Prep Work:

Between now and January 11, 2023, each participant will be invited to complete several assignments in preparation for starting our Feminine Wealth Immersion Journey. Each activity is intended and strategic in helping you begin to master your feminine wealth immersion process.  A guidebook with additional materials will be emailed to you on Monday, January 2, 2023.

Redefining YOUR Success in 2023 - Living In Overflow

Join Dr. Anita for a 45 minute Living In Overflow master zoom session to help you begin immersing yourself in money/wealth principles and strategies for REAL results and success in 2023.

All sessions will be recorded and given to participants.

Program Investment

Full Payment Option: $497

Payment Option: Three payments of $297 on a 30-day payment cycle

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR THIS PROGRAM - Please see Dr. Anita's Services, Terms, and Policies


  • FP - Feminine Wealth Immersion

    This option is for the full payment of the Feminine Wealth Immersion Process with Dr. Anita. This is a self-directed and group program. Dr. Anita will be using WhatsApp and/or a zoom for intimate group sessions.

  • PMT Feminine Wealth Immersion

    This is our payment option for the Feminine Wealth Immersion Process with Dr. Anita. Three payments of $297 on a 30-day payment cycle.




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