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Wed, Jun 13


Private Facebook Group & Individual Coachi

The Unlimited Woman Ultimate Freedom Program

It's time for you to have the life, business, money, and experience you deeply desire. And it call all be yours once you break the cycle of being overwhelmed. In this 90-Day program, learn powerful key steps to healing y our body, soul, spirit, and money from the trap of being in overwhelm.

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The Unlimited Woman Ultimate Freedom Program
The Unlimited Woman Ultimate Freedom Program

Time & Location

Jun 13, 2018, 1:00 PM – Oct 13, 2018, 2:00 PM

Private Facebook Group & Individual Coachi

About The Event

You are invited to join Dr. Anita's The Unlimited Woman Ultimate Freedom Program.

In this 90-day program, Dr. Anita guides you on a feminine healing and empowerment journey designed to help you break the vicious cycle of overwhelm (stress, anxiety, and any level of depression) that keeps you stuck, broke, and missing out on living your life FREE.

​ When a woman is experiencing chronic levels of overwhelm (longer than six months), she literally is hurting her body, soul, spirit, and the world is missing out on her essence, gifts, and talents.

In this program, our core focus is to help you take your body, mind, and whole self back by helping you understand and unleash your female brain, balance your moods and emotions, increase your energy and vibration, and activate your Feminine Prosperity Hormone so that you can easily and with grace, love, and consistency manifest your intentions, goals, dreams, and desires for your personal life and in your business NOW!

With a background as a psychotherapist and organizational psychologist for 26 years, I have literally worked with 1000s of women on various issues from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, PTSD, sexual abuse and trauma, relationships, spirituality, money blocks, visibility, and building a global brand, I held a very deep and powerful secret. I have been struggled with overwhelm for most of my professional life.

As a very spiritual, highly ambitious, goal-getter (yes you read that right), visionary, and strategist, it was hard for me to see that I was in overwhelm because I had gotten use to working hard and making things happen. If anything, working hard became my badge of honor - it was my way of validation, and it was secretly killing me for years.

Since becoming a Feminine Success Coach, I help women worldwide overcome the "I'm not good enough" syndrome that prevents women from becoming unlimited in their personal life and business. Over the years, I have noticed that more and more women are telling me that they are "overwhelmed." Unfortunately, this is becoming a silent and acceptable epidemic that needs to change now.

After going the a major setback, it became abundantly clear that I needed to make some drastic changes, if I were to accomplish my purpose in helping women become unlimited in every area of their lives and business.

This is why I designed this program based on my own personal seven year journey and experiences dealing with overwhelm, low energy, challenges with focus and concentration, inconsistency in manifesting my dreams, goals, and desires (despite all the training and knowledge I have about Universal Laws and manifestation).

What I have learned and will share with you in this program is that overwhelm is multi-dimensional. Meaning, it dramatically effects you biochemically, psychologically, and energetically. Overwhelm is chemically charged and conditions your brain and body to "crave" being in overwhelm. In other words, it's addictive and it's time to break FREE.

In addition to breaking the cycle of overwhelm, this program is will help you:

Reclaiming and reconnecting to yourself again

Taking your body and life back (personal power)

Feeling good in your body again (appreciating all it can do)

Feeling grounded and confident as woman

Increase your awareness about how your body can work FOR you rather than against you

Develop a higher level of self-care habits that will support your continued unlimited success

Activating your feminine power by reactivating your chakras

Learning how to use certain tools to help you stay energetically and vibrationally high

Increasing your feminine prosperity hormone

And, interacting with other like-minded, success-oriented women all making a decision for their UNLIMITED success


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