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Time is TBD


Remotely and By Phone Call with Dr. Anita

Your Success Aura Screening Session with Dr. Anita

Healing into your higher self has never been easier than now! Experience the power of cutting-edge technology that cleans, heals, and elevates your energy, frequency, and vibration through your own Success Aura Screening and BONUS: Find Your Balance Program with Dr. Anita.

Your Success Aura Screening Session with Dr. Anita
Your Success Aura Screening Session with Dr. Anita

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Remotely and By Phone Call with Dr. Anita


About The Event

Gain a deeper understanding of your energetic body through your own personalized success aura screening designed to help you step into your next level of unlimited success that powerfully serves your higher divine self, desires, dreams, and goals! 

Each person has four ​Core Divine Operating Systems (C) within themselves that influence how they live their highest and best life. Each system functions according to how energy flows in and through its DNA, cells, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and life experiences.   

Having your own personal aura screening allows you to receive deeper insight into how your energy is operating in your energetic field as well as within your body. More specifically, your screening does a real-time frequency analysis that lets you see the energy distribution within your chakras in the Information Field. After an analysis of your emotional background, you have the opportunity to see where are strong and stable as well as weak and unstable. 

Your Aura Screening Session 

Your aura screening with Dr. Anita is simple.  All you have to do is submit a current headshot, your full birthdate, and birthplace via your phone and that's it.  Once you have submitted your items, Dr. Anita will perform your aura screening usually within 45-mins of receiving your items. 

After your screening has been completed, Dr. Anita will forward your scanning images and interpretation report by email. Then she will run a 30-min vibrational attunement specifically calibrated to your aura analysis. You will receive a text indicating that your vibrational attunement is currently being run. Pay very close attention to how you feel during this time. Dr. Anita will confirm your Aura Debriefing Session via email shortly thereafter. 

You will also continue to receive vibrational attunement once a month from Dr. Anita for three months to support your ongoing vibrational attunement. She always sends a text message to her clients letting them know she is doing it. Be sure to set aside 30 minutes and drink plenty of water before and after the session.

You must understand the following 

Your brain's primary function is to process and transmit information through electrical signals. Through this process, you are transmitting thousands of pieces of energy that directly and indirectly affect your energetic network. 

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there is a network of pathways transporting energy throughout our body. It is believed that when we are imbalanced, it can only be fixed by adjusting the amount of energy that flows through the body.  That said, there are 12 standard meridians divided into Yin and Yang groups. Aura readings allow you to see how your pathways are flowing in and through your body and affecting your energetic field. Your aura is believed to be an invisible life force energy surrounding all living things. 

Depending on the power, quality, and strength of your aura, you admit a certain color and vibration that influences your environment.  ​ Famed metaphysician and author, Robert Bruce says, “The human aura is both an energy field and a reflection of the subtle life energies within the body. These energies make us what we are and in turn, are affected by our surroundings and lifestyle." 

Your Aura Screening Investment and Coaching Session with Dr. Anita M. Jackson - $350 (Valued at $1000)


Find Your Balance Program - This online course is easy and VERY comprehensive in giving you information and strategies to help balance your chakras with nutrition, essential oils, yoga positions, sound therapy, and crystals. This program is designed to help you take what you learn from your reading and supercharge your chakras fast. (Program by Sharon Otness). 


  • Your Success Aura Screening

    This ticket is for your Success Aura Screening and 60-min debriefing session with Dr. Anita.




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