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Now until Friday, November 17; 4:00 pm


Time Limited Opportunity

Your Success Strategy Coaching Sessions for 2018

2018 is right around the corner and NOW is the perfect time to get in alignment with your deeper dreams, desires, and goals for next year so that the manifestation of each is sure. Sign up for your own Success Strategy Session with Dr. Anita for MORE in 2018.

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Your Success Strategy Coaching Sessions for 2018
Your Success Strategy Coaching Sessions for 2018

Time & Location

Now until Friday, November 17; 4:00 pm

Time Limited Opportunity

About The Event

Unlimited Woman,

2018 is right around the corner and NOW is the perfect time to get in alignment spiritually, psychologically, and financially for more unlimited success in your personal life and business like never before.

In celebration of Dr. Anita's birthday (Nov 15th), she is offering 3; 45-min Success Strategic Planning Coaching Session  (valued  at  $1100) to all the women in The Unlimited Woman Lifestyle & Business  Network community  to  help  each  woman  masterfully  prepare, align, and create  her  90-day  strategic  plan  for  more unlimited success in her  personal  life  and  business  guaranteeing. 

Each  session  will  be  strategically  designed  to  help  every  woman  identify  her  top  3  goals  for the first  quarter  of  2018  as well as identify  the  best  step-by-step  activities  needed to  helping  her  masterfully  accomplish  her  goals  and  gain  MORE  results  with  ease,  confidence,  and  joy.

Jim  Rohm  says,  "If  you  fail  to  plan,  you  plan  to  fail."

Let's  plan  to  succeed  and  have  new  results  in  2018  by  helping  you  create  a  simple  and  yet  powerful  plan  to  designed to help you:

  • Improve Clarity  and  focus
  • Gain overall confidence as a woman and entrepreneur
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase visibility (be  found,  seen,  heard,  and  hired)
  • Improve time  and  stress  management  skills
  • Reduce procrastination
  • Reduce  and/or  eliminate  overwhelm
  • Make  more  money

This  offering  is  only  available  at  the  special  price  of  $697  until  Friday,  November  17  at  4:00  p.m.   (PST). 

Register  now  and  schedule  your  FREE  30-min  Success  Breakthrough  Session  with  Dr.  Anita  immediately to  being  your  Success  Assessment  Process.

Once  registered,  you'll  receive  additional  information  to  begin  your  Unlimited  Success  journey.

Your  extraordinary  life  and  business  are  right  around  the  corner.

Schedule  your  Success  Strategic  Planning  Coaching  Session  with  Dr.  Anita  NOW.


Receive  extended  time  to  pay  for  this  program  by  requesting  this  option  via email  to  Dr.  Anita  at 

You  will  receive  an  invoice  with  the  option  to  select  "payment  installments."  Follow  the  instructions  and  select  3,  6,  or  12  month  payment  option.  Please  be  advised  that  an  additional  9.99%  fee  will  be  added  to  program  price. 

If  approved,  your payment  may  range  between  $64  to  $82  a  month  for  12  months.  You  will  receive  notification  from  Square,  our  merchant  account  directly  on  your status of approval or not. 

Once  we  receive  notification  of  approval,  you  will  be  contacted  by  Dr.  Anita  directly regarding next steps.

To  Your  Unlimited Success!

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