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Welcome, Power Sister!

First, I need you to know that it's YOUR turn to have and live the life, create the business, and experience the success that you

deserve and desire.

There has never been a more powerful time in our history for women to take their place in leadership, influence, and money than NOW!

And how is this going to happen?

By intentionally designing your life and business for a comeback in success, relationships, money, and POWER.

If you are a coach, a speaker, a podcast host, an author, a virtual assistant, a graphics designer, or any other service-based business OR if you are a product-based business and you have sent hundreds to thousands of dollars on other coaching programs, but you are STILL not where you want to be in making the impact or money you desire, then Sister this program is EXACTLY what you need to help you create, build, and launch your business in a way that you

get REAL results.

Here are just a few statements shared by women who have not strategically built their businesses correctly:

"I have spent so much money and time learning how to do everything else for my business except how to build it correctly."

"I have felt raped and rippled off by other coaches because I wasn't shown what to do in helping me really build my business." 

"I keep struggling with getting my business out to the world because I really don't know what I'm doing. It's been frustrating."

"There are just too many things I don't have in place and I didn't even know it because I was focusing on the wrong parts of building my business."

"No one ever really tells you what to do to build a business."

These statements are so disheartening because not having a clear strategic plan or a core operating system or an empowered, aligned, and sacred team will only cause you to:

Stay in the vicious cycle of working

really hard on unimportant tasks

Constantly creating instead of launching

Struggle with procrastination

Experience the vicious cycle of feast and famine in money

Have unclear value propositions or outcomes for yourself

and/or your clients

A weakened brand, message, and business positioning

And ultimately causing you to start questioning whether you should

continue trying to build your business or just quit an get a job



What I want you to know is that you can ABSOLUTELY have everything you desire and so much in less than a year!


And, your business can help you make it a reality!

How, you may ask?

By learning key feminine principles, strategies, and operating systems specifically designed to ensure that you build your business on a solid foundation and in a soul-aligned way that operates and flows through the power of...

Your Divinity & Sovereignty

Your Non-Negotiables

Learning and Mastering Your and Your Client's Painpoints
Understanding Your Female Brain and

Money Setpoints 

Identify Your Ideal Raving Clients

Creating Your High-Ticket Clients and Offers

Establishing Multiple Streams of Income

Understanding the Power of Collaboration

and Joint Venture Partnerships

Mastering the Art of Allowing

And so much more...

Dr. Anita M. Jackson.jpg

A divine and 
sacred invitation from
Dr. Anita M. Jackson,
Your Fempire Mentor and Global Strategist

The launching of the Fempire Legacy Business Academy has been a long time coming.

I developed it out of my own learning, failures, and successes. 

I developed it because 90% of my clients (mostly women), were struggling with the infrastructure of building their business and living their life on their own terms.


And, I wanted to create a space and a place where women felt safe to dream, learn, make mistakes, advance, experience breakthroughs, feel empowered, supported, and successful while on this amazing personal development journey of being a feminine entrepreneur building and leaving a legacy with their brand, message, and business. 

Fempire Legacy Business Academy
A step-by-step business, coaching, and marketing program, where women learn how to create a strong foundational infrastructure to having a successful business and life. 

So, what is a fempire?

A fempire is a business operated by a woman using feminine and spiritual principles to create multiple levels of services, programs, and products that allow for multiple streams of income supporting a woman to become her highest and best version of herself and to make a bigger impact in her family, her community,
and the world!

Creating and leading a business of this magnitude takes intention, strategy, and structure with an aligned and sacred team working together toward a common sacred goal(s).

This requires the understanding and the harmonizing of the feminine and masculine energies within each of us as we stay focused on divinely aligned actions for our life AND business that powerfully move us toward allowing and attracting all that we deserve and desire.

This is what creates legacy!

Dr. Anita M. Jackson presents...

Fempire Legacy Business Academy

The Fenpire Legacy Business Academy (beta) is a
6-month hybrid interactive coaching program designed to help you strategically design the ins and outs of a 6-figure business.

As a beta program, Dr. Anita will provide regular training, group, and individual coaching on specific spiritual, psychological, feminine, and business strategies and implementation tasks to help you create and scale your brand, message, and business.

Each training session is designed to help you see the blindspots you may have in offering your services, attracting high-ticket clients, building your community, creating joint ventures, and experiencing a constant flow of money in your business. 

As you actively participate in the Academy,  you will become more empowered, and confident, as you intentionally design your life and business with more time, freedom, and money enabling you to receive the unlimited success you deserve and desire for your life AND business.


What's Included

As a 6-month beta coaching program starting December 4 through April 15, 2024.


The Academy includes:

  • Two training masterclasses per month with group coaching sessions (each session is 90 minutes)

  • Two individual 30-minute coach session 

Additional materials designed by Dr. Anita may be offered as home study programs with videos, audio, and various detailed workbooks. 

Session 1: Academy Prerequisite  - Assessing Your Life and Business
December 2023

The essence and foundation of your fempire's success are dependent on you and your mindset around allowing and experiencing success. This month you will be working on various assessments to help you get a bird's eye view and inner understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and mother and father wounds that indirectly impact your success in life and business.

Living in Overflow master call (a 60-minute live group coaching call with Dr. Anita)


Session 2- The Psychology of Mindset and Success
January 8 & 22, 2024

We will be focusing on a series of self-perceptions and beliefs about yourself and your ability to allow yourself to have success.

  • Reassess your deeper BIG WHY

  • Reconnect to your non-negotiables 

  • Evaluate your mother and father wounds 

  • Discover your higher standards to help you manifest higher levels of abundance and success

  • Participate in your personal and business SWOT Analysis (this is so important)

  • Redefining your Ideal Raving and Referring Clients

  • Reevaluate your core message and the pain points you address

  • Process your and your client's pain points (essential to creating your high-ticket offers)

  • Identifying Your Success Support System for next level growth

Session 3 -  The Psychology of Self-Leadership

February 5 & 19, 2024


We will be focusing on your ability to influence and direct your own thoughts, interactions, and behaviors to successfully reach goals and build a satisfying life and/or business.

  • Learn the dynamics of self-esteem that influence your power and Queendom

  • Learn and understand the key dynamics of leadership and how to apply it to yourself

  • Create your personal Life Plan that influences how you lead all aspects of your life and business

Session 4 -  The Psychology of Money

March 5 & 19, 2024 

We will be focusing on the understanding of your thoughts and behaviors around your personal finances (or building and receiving money within your business).

  • Identify your 6-figure money setpoint

  • Learn the Psychology Money Mastery

  • Discuss the various types of high-ticket offers and their best price points

  • Work through a profit high-ticket offer pyramid 

  • Process the psychology of your success mindset

Session 5 -  The Psychology of Entrepreneurship
April 2 & 16, 2024

Relates to understanding the relationship between successful business leadership and the mental techniques and characteristics that thriving entrepreneurs possess.

  • In this section of our coaching program, you will be learning how to create your organizational chart, your profitability pyramid, break down your strategic plan into 90-day (quarterly) launches

  • Discuss best business models for online coaches that create consistent revenue income in 2023

  • Let's design your fempire (strategic planning in its simplest form)

  • Identify and discuss the best practices for attracting your ideal raving and referring clients 

  • Why building your audience, community, and tribe is essential to your business success

  • Discuss the best resources for building your internal operating systems (this is how we automate your business)

Session 6 -  Psychology of Strategic Planning and Legacy
May 7 & 21, 2024

In the final phases of our program together, you will be working directly with Dr. Anita to help you strategically map out your fempire with 2:60-minute group coaching sessions giving you space to ask questions, process key soul-aligned strategies, and discuss anything else to help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to build your fempire. 

All sessions will be offered via Zoom, recorded, and given to all members with additional materials for success. 

Who Is This
Program For?

This sacred and empowered 8-week hybrid coaching program is for the woman who:

  • Is a service-based or product-based business owner struggling with organizing and structuring their business, designing their offers, marketing their brand and message, and attracting paying clients

  • Has been in business for more than three years without real results in her business

  • Is struggling with the Failure to Launch Syndrome or Failure to Scale Syndrome (working hard but gaining no results due to being unclear on how to build, position, and market their business)

  • Is constantly "in" the process of creating new programs or products but never launching (sharing) 

  • Is experiencing the vicious cycle of feast and famine in their business

Client Testimonials

Sharon Otness
Founder and CEO
Design Your Beautiful Life

Tina Kapp- Kailea
Founder and CEO
The Femmepreneur Pathfinder

Pamela R. Garrison
Founder and CEO
In The Sexy Zone
BuBBles for Life Academy

KC Gloer
Founder and CEO
Love Gloriously


Special Note

Learn and Become a Transact Card Member, Use it for Your Academy Payment, and Receive an ROI on Future Payments.
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