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In 2017, the Unlimited Woman Lifestyle and Business brand, under Dr. Anita's leadership, is under going a major visibility lift by focusing on making a larger global impact in empowering women to become unlimited in life and business through our marketing efforts of promoting our online media projects such as our TV Channel, magazine, and radio show. 

We are proud to announce that the Unlimited Woman TV Channel (formerly Outrageous Success Women's Network Channel) is rated the 2nd highest viewed channel within the VoiceAmerica TV Broadcasting Network of over 3.5 listeners and viewers per month. As a channel, we receive approximately 650,000 viewers per month. During the first quarter of each year, viewership on our channel is at an all-time high giving us more visibility for our brand, message, and business.

This year, we are planning to build our viewership to 1 million women across our media platforms and we believe we accomplish this by highlighting 52 or more women as guest experts on Dr. Anita's TV and radio show The Unlimited Woman as well as her upcoming magazine by the same name. 

​You Are Invited!





Unlimited Savvy Business Woman,


You are invited to be interviewed as a guest expert on Dr. Anita's show
The Unlimited Woman both TV and radio because of your presence, brand and message to empower women worldwide in becoming their highest and best self for themselves, their family, community and the world.


As part of this interview visibility opportunity, you will also be given the chance to promote your business, upcoming event, and/or program "live" during your interview with Dr. Anita as well as on our TV channel with a business banner hyperlinked to your website for increased visibility and SEOs.


In addition, your interview will also be promoted on our magazine website launching in March 2017 and on our social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest giving you the benefits of our marketing efforts. 


Because of our strategic plan for more visibility, we are charging a minimal fee of $397 for the marketing and promotional efforts of our team, pre/post broadcasting services on our channel via VoiceAmerica (650,000 viewers), and show announcements on all our social media platforms.  

Here's what you'll receive as part of our promotional strategies:

  • 30-45 minute interview with Dr. Anita (interviews start Thursday, January 13, 2017)

  • Allowed to offer a FREE gift on show. Link to gift will also be included in show's description

  • Show will be broadcast on TV channel, radio show (Dr. Anita's website and iTunes), and magazine website (audio only)

  • A business banner (728 X 90) with hyperlink promoted on TV channel (powered by VoiceAmerica - 3.5 million listeners and viewers) and magazine website

  • Lifetime advertisement on channel and radio show

  • Edited copy of interview for your promotional usage

  • Social media blasts on Dr. Anita's/Unlimited Woman platforms on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

  • Overall Value: $997

As part of our new year special, we are charging a one-time marketing fee of $397.  This is a limited offer expiring Tuesday, January 31, 2017.  

Imagine having one interview that gives you long-term visibility for your brand, message and business in 2017.


Imagine someone else promoting your brand, message and business.


As a reminder, you are not paying for the interview but investing in the marketing and promotional strategies of YOUR interview with the Unlimited Woman brand specifically highlighting spiritual, heart-centered, feminine entrepreneurs, such as yourself in 2017.


Upon payment, you will be given an opportunity to schedule your interview immediately. Once an appointment has been scheduled, you will receive instructions within 24 hours on how to prepare for your TV interview with Dr. Anita.  We recommend that you schedule your interview at least two (2) week ahead after payment. Your interview will broadcast at least 2 weeks to one month after interview has been recorded. We will notify you when we broadcast your interview so you can share with your community.

Your Interview Marketing Investment



I am so honored and excited to interview you as part of the Unlimited Woman TV Show. Your interview will be converted into an audio show and promoted on my radio show as well giving you two opportunities to share your message with two very different audiences.


In addition, your show will be promote on our new magazine website as a podcast launching in March of this year. We will strategically share your interview on each platform at different times to ensure continual visibility as part of our marketing/promotional strategies. First schedule, first promoted!

Together we will make a powerful impact on women worldwide. 

I look forward to interview YOU soon!

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