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 ou are an amazing, savvy woman, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, mother, professional, and/or entrepreneur busy doing everything you can to create an amazing life for yourself and your family. 


Every day you are extremely busy, whether at home or in building your empire, working hard to attract your next client, network, make more money, take care of your family, all other responsibilities, and everyone else, all while trying so hard to live some type of life that helps you feel balanced, in control, and feminine as you attempt to move in the right direction of your deeper goals, dreams, and desires. 

Yet, despite all that you are doing...something is still missing. 

At some level, you may be experiencing:

  • An emptiness and dissatisfaction with where you are in your life and business and the results you are currently receiving

  • Fluctuating experiences of low and high energy

  • Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and/or blocked 

  • Increased difficulties with focus, concentration, mental clarity, and/or memory 

  • Emotional changes (irritability, mood swings, anxiety, and mild depression)

  • Struggling to manage or stay on track with daily or various tasks

  • Working hard but experiencing little or no results 

  • Struggles with money

  • Inconsistent with manifesting your intentions, goals, dreams, and desires

  • And, so much more…


The American Psychological Association reports that 40 to 60% of American women are currently experiencing an increase in physical and psychological problems due to feeling overwhelmed, overworked,  being underpaid, and undervalued. However, at the core of these challenges, most women are experiencing the deeper issues of being disconnected from their higher purpose, power, position, and prosperity in every area of their life and business. 

BUT, here's the good news!


It's a brand new year and decade bringing with it higher opportunities and possibilities to help women reconnect to as well as experience their best and their highest level of unlimited success in their personal life and business like never before. 


2020 is being deemed as the Year of the Woman. What a powerful declaration and shift empowering more women to holistically step into their next level with ease, grace, beauty, power, joy, and confidence.

Imagine feeling viscerally confident as an unlimited woman in total alignment with your higher self spiritually, energetically, authentically, and unapologetically as you finally and fully claim and own every dimension of who YOU choose to be this year and beyond.

Imagine gaining the right practical and strategic keys specifically designed to help you get out of the feeling of overwhelm and into the power of overflow!


Imagine learning how to unleash your female power, increase your energy, balancing your moods and emotions, while developing the "right" skills and habits that support you in manifesting your goals, dreams, and desires quickly.

Imagine gaining sacred knowledge, resources, strategies, support, and sisterhood to help you get clear, stay open, and become ready to fully receive everything God as Source and the Universe has for you.


This, and so much more, is ALL possible for you in the Unlimited Woman Higher Success Immersion - A Personal and Entrepreneurial Success Mastery Positioning Process for Feminine Leaders Desiring MORE in 2020!

The Unlimited Woman Higher
Success Immersion

A Personal and Entrepreneurial Success Mastery
Success Positioning Process

For Feminine Leaders Desiring MORE in 2020!

A Note From Dr. Anita

You can sense it spiritually and energetically - 2020 is the Year of the Woman and the new decade declares that the future indeed is female.

As we enter into a new elevated season, women are being called to a higher level of womanhood, purpose, leadership, influence, success, career, and wealth that evolves and revolutionizes what it means to be a new modern woman in this new era. As more women reclaim and redefine their higher sense of beingness and purpose, we will begin to see a rise in the feminine spirit and energy like never before.   

Unlimited Woman Transparent Logo.png

Welcome, Unlimited Woman, to your sacred success elevation mentorship and community designed to help you position yourself in receiving higher levels of success in your personal life and in your business.


Utilizing spiritual truths, principles, and practical step-by-step strategies to help you powerfully create, build, and manifest your highest and epic life, satisfying and fulfilling career, and lucrative business ever, the Unlimited Woman Higher Success Immersion is ALL about YOU and your next level of unlimited success!

This high success immersion process is more than just another program.  It's a year-long personal and entrepreneurial success mastery elevation opportunity to redefine, reconnect, and rise into your next higher level in every area of your personal life and business.

This is more than a network or membership program. This is a revolution, ascension, and positioning process into your higher self designed for FREEDOM and the opportunity to fully express yourself holistically. 

As a member of the elite Unlimited Woman Higher Success Immersion, you will finally strengthen and master your ability to create a higher path of fulfillment, legacy, and success that enables you to receive MORE and create momentum in every area of your life and business. 


The Unlimited Woman Higher Success Immersion is a year-long coaching, mentorship, accountability, and sponsorship success mastery positioning process for feminine leaders looking to take their life and business to their next highest level. 

Specifically, our higher success immersion has two focuses:

  • To help members develop and strengthen mastery in creating and experiencing higher success in every area of their life,

  • To help members build and scale their global feminine empire to 6-figures and beyond (whether service-based, product-based (MLM), or professional)


OUR FOCUS (1).png

Through monthly training and coaching sessions, mentorship group calls, activities, guest interviews and twice a year live events, you can expect to:

  • Deepen your spiritual connection, self-esteem, and self-confidence 

  • Enhance your feminine purpose and power that supports you in claiming and manifesting your higher lifestyle and business

  • Receive ongoing training and mentorship from Dr. Anita and guest experts to help you masterfully step into your higher next level

  • Create a legacy that changes and empowers your family while you also make an impact on the lives of others

  • Learn information, strategies, and techniques to help you create your feminine empire - an organization based on feminine and spiritual principles offering multiple services that create multiple streams of income

  • Create your 2020 strategic plan for high-level clarity and results

  • Learn specific strategies to increase your global visibility for your brand, message, and business

    • This includes learning more about how to become a published author,  sought-after speaker, launch your podcast, attract corporate sponsors, launch a membership group, create joint ventures, and building a globally recognizable brand

Your Higher Success

 Immersion Details

Immersion Dates:      Mondays, February 10, 2020 - Mondays, February 18, 2021

                                                           a year-long program


Time:   1:00 to 2:00 p.m. (PST)

Format:    Private Facebook Group, Zoom Mentorship and Accountability Sessions, and Individual Coaching Sessions with the selected option

VIP Living Overflow Session - Thursday, February 6, 2020. 1:00 p.m. PST

This is a prelude orientation call to help each member understand our higher-level community agreements, set powerful intentions and outcomes, and begin to create and business our success momentum as individuals and a community. 


Training and Coaching Sessions

Your Personal and Entrepreneurial Success Mastery
Success Positioning Process


2 x a month

Each month focuses on a specific theme taught by Dr. Anita providing in-depth transformational information and strategies to help members begin to develop personal and/or entrepreneurial success mastery and momentum.



Mentorship, Accountability, and Support Sessions

Once a month, members participate in a group mentorship, accountability, and support group session with Dr. Anita to discuss monthly themes, activities, ah-moments, and insights, while celebrating your higher successes in every area of your life and business.   Ask questions, experience expert transformation insight, and receive personalized attention as well as accountability and support as you continue to move into your next level of higher success.  


*Online Days and Times are Subjected to Change, If Necessary

Additional Bonuses 

As part of our higher success immersion, you will also receive:


  • Program Materials

  • Monthly Success Energy Clearing Sessions with Jimmy Mack - virtually

  • 30-Days To Manifest Your Next Level of Success Program (most highly recommended program - value $197)

  • Write Your Book and Get Published - digital program value $197

  • Audio copy of mentorship sessions


Your higher success immersion process offers three options to help you develop mastery and high-level results in your personal life and business. Each option is offered as a monthly membership and can be canceled at any time.


Success Immersion -

Level 1

Level 1 offers the general immersion process described above; 21 training and coaching sessions, 12 monthly mentorship, accountability, and support sessions with bonuses ~ Investment $200 per month


Level 2 offers the general immersion process described above; 21 training and coaching sessions, 12 monthly mentorship, accountability, and support sessions with bonuses and a 1 x a month Private 45-minute Coaching Session with Dr. Anita. Sessions are offered virtually and recorded. An audio of each session  will be forward to member ~ Investment $300 per month


Level 3 offers ALL the above; 21 training and coaching sessions, 12 monthly mentorship, accountability, and support sessions with bonuses and a 2 x a month Private 60-minute Coaching Session with Dr. Anita. Sessions are offered virtually and recorded. An audio will be forward to the member.


In addition, Level 3 offers members the opportunity to become an Unlimited Woman Affiliate and an Unlimited Woman Gathering Circle Director. This position is designed to offer the director an additional stream of income while promoting their brand, message, and business as they lead a Gathering Circle in their local area.


Training, materials, marketing, and promotion support will be given to each director to help her launch and build her women's group through innovative strategic planning given by Dr. Anita and the Unlimited Woman Alliance ~ Investment $450 per month

Private Support Success Immersion - Level 2

Exclusive & Advanced Success Immersion - 

Level 3

Time to Master Your HIGHER Next Level of
Unlimited Success in 2020!
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