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You have a message to share with the world but you may not know how to do it. ​​ There has never been a more powerful time in our history for experts, leaders, and coaches to share their voice and wisdom than now!


  • Are you a feminine empowerment leader, speaker, and/or coach looking for an opportunity to expand your brand, share your message, and make a global impact?

  • Are you wanting to attract more speaking opportunities and clients while at the same time build your list of followers?

  • Are you ready to become an online media celebrity in your industry and community?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, we invite you to consider becoming a radio host (podcaster) with the Inspired Media Network.


Why Become An Online Radio Host?
Currently, over 40 million people search iTunes for information and resources to support their personal and business development and growth every single month. The average age of iTunes/podcast listeners is between the age of 12 and 54. This is amazing as it can help you be found by your ideal client as you build your listening audience.


  • Instant credibility! 

  • Becoming an online radio Host instantly positions you as the “expert” or top mover-and-shaker in your area of expertise.  

  • Attract your ideal audience! 

  • Your ideal client is looking for you and your wisdom to help them transition into their best self yet. By becoming a Host of your own online radio show, you can powerfully connect with your audience while at the same time make a global impact with your brand, message, and services.   

  • Take your brand to the next level!

  • Becoming a Host of your own online radio show can elevate your brand. You are the essence of your brand and it will truly come through as you powerfully share your message with the world on your own radio show. 


Repurpose Your Facebook Live Videos

Reach an entirely new audience by sharing your previously recorded and broadcasted videos from Facebook on our Network. We are currently in partnership with two other online TV networks allowing you to have MASSIVE visibility in sharing your brand, message, and business.


Power of the Network!
The Inspired Media Network is part of AMJ Productions and Publications family and the Unlimited Woman Lifestyle and Business Network under the leadership of       
Dr. Anita M. Jackson. The Network is in partnership with Global Voice Broadcasting Studios (GVB) in Hollywood, CA and VoiceAmerica in Arizona (larger online production and broadcasting agency).


As a Host of the Network, we will promote you and your shows at and (launching January 2018). You will be featured as one of our radio, podcast, and TV celebrities. You will have your own profile page and main link to all of your shows and ability to offer sponsorship and advertising opportunities to your community.


Become a better speaker and presenter! 
Hosting your own show will help you become better with all aspects of your communication and presentation skills.  Being a Host is fun, exciting and comes with valuable benefits and perks in helping you make as well as impact and build your brand, message, and business! As a Host, your radio show allows you the opportunity leverage what you offer in your business allowing you to create profitable joint ventures with hosts and others.


Radio, Podcast, and TV Host Support
At the Inspired Media Network, we want you to focus on sharing your content with the world, which is why we will provide you with all the support you need to help you produce a successful radio show.


We will train you in how to setup yourself up for broadcasting success, teach you how to use minimal equipment to broadcast your show, help you create and offer show sponsorship opportunities, and empower you to become the best host possible. You will also work closely with your personal radio show producer and technical engineer to help you produce and broadcast each episode.


Dr. Anita M. Jackson, Owner of the Channel, will be your Sr. Executive Producer providing guidance, support, and on-going consultation in helping you have a successful show. 

To find out more about how you can broadcast your own online radio, podcast, and TV show on our Network as well as your investment, please schedule your own FREE Broadcasting Consultation with Dr. Anita here!

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