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Reign As Queen in 2019

A Luxurious Queenship Empowerment Getaway

"Your feminine phoenix rising experience"

Pelican Hill Resort and Club, Newport Beach, CA

Unlimited Woman,


2019 is going to a powerful year because it will prove that the future is feminine.


With 100 women stepping into powerful statewide, governing, leadership positions, our future now requires that more women stand up and redefine who we are as women, what our power and role is, how we influence, and what we're able to do in our families, communities, and the world. This means that there has NEVER been a more powerful time in our history for the feminine essence, power, and influence of a woman to come forward than now.


This is your and our collective "phoenix rising" opportunity.

It's time for a new identity as women to arise. 

It's time to rebirth the deeper power and essence of women that influences our families, communities, and the world. 

It's time to reclaim what is rightfully ours and we can only do that when we are in our power as Queen!

A getaway that is ALL about your

Queenship in 2019!

Your higher spirit and soul is yearning for an awakening.


It's time for you to find a few collective moments to be still, hear from within, gain guidance, and step BOLDLY into your next level of unlimited success.


Take a few days for yourself by joining Dr. Anita at the beautiful and luxurious Pelican Hill Resort & Gold Club in Newport Beach, Ca on Thursday, Friday, January 12 starting at 6:00 p.m. until Saturday, January 13 ending at 5:00 p.m. This is the perfect time to slow down, connect within, listen to your higher-self, and gain the wisdom you need to realign yourself for unlimited success. 

Experience the power of connecting to your higher-self and 15 like-minded women ready to take their body, soul, and spirit back and live FREE, full, and abundant.


Spend one day surrounded by luxury at the 5-star Pelican Hill Resort. All sessions will take place at Dr. Anita's private Ocean Villa. Be prepared to fully be catered to, supported, and guided into your next level of unlimited success with Dr. Anita.

As you know and have, I'm sure, experienced at some time in your life, there is nothing more amazing than witnessing and experiencing the undiluted essence of a woman who knows who she is, is unashamedly connected to her desires, understands the power of her leadership, has mastered her ability to receive, is benevolent, flows in the heart of compassion to others, and lives by her wisdom, truth, and wealth.

This is why I'm inviting you to join me at my 1-day Reign As Queen Getaway in January 2019!

Reign As Queen in 2019

A Luxurious Queenship Empowerment Getaway

"Your feminine phoenix rising experience"

Pelican Hill Resort and Club, Newport Beach, CA

The Reign As Queen in 2019 Getaway brings together highly visionary and ambitious women to an advance conversation and experiential process on what it means to be a Queen in her life and business that guarantees unlimited success.

This luxurious getaway is designed for the woman who:

  • Senses that something is off, out of balance, missing from her life 

  • Feels out of alignment with her deeper truth and power

  • Feels called to make a bigger impact in her life and business

  • Has a deep spiritual, soul yearning desire to finally let go of the illusion and expectations regarding who she was told she must be and become her higher self as Queen (or whatever archetype best aligns with your truth)

  • Desires to experience living a richer, fuller, and more abundant life that directly and powerfully influences her overall ability to live life and grow her business on her own terms unashamedly and unapologetically.


Come and escape the daily routines, the hustle and bustle that keeps you too busy and so exhausted that you can't hear yourself think.


Come and release the expectation of others that keeps you living, unconsciously, a limited life with limited results. 




Come home to you at this Queenship getaway that has been powerfully designed to empower you to viscerally reconnect to your higher self, your sacred needs, passions, and longings in such a way that you CAN strategically create, attract, and manifest the life and business that fulfills YOU deeply, energetically, spiritually, and financially in 2019!


At the core, this getaway has been designed to help you get re-inspired, re-invigorated, and re-focused on the heart & soul of any Queen's life and business.


Also, get ready to receive a giant dose of fun, laughter, and feminine empowerment by the beach at the beautiful and luxurious Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, CA on  Saturday, January 13, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Yearns and is READY to live her highest and best life.

KNOWS she is designed and called to be a Queen or Goddess of her life and business in such a dynamic way that she influences others from a place of confidence, balance, power, holistic wealth and love. 

KNOWS she is designed to be wealthy and financially secure - attracting and making money from a place of wisdom, mastery, ease, flow, grace, elegance, power, and consistency.

Is no longer willing to be or live a mediocre life or lead a struggling business.

And finally...

This 1-day getaway is for every woman who is craving to experience an exclusive, all-inclusive, luxurious, high-end, high-vibe, high-touch experience that will catapult her into her next level of unlimited success.

Are You Ready To Be QUEEN?

  • Are you ready to release the "hustle and working hard" syndrome causing you to experience little to no real results in your life and/or business?

  • Are you ready to release old and out-of-date systems that no longer work? It's so time to identify new ways of being and doing life and business in order to receive MORE

  • Are your ready of:

    • Being alone​

    • Experiencing limited connections

    • Hiding the fact that you're the "best kept secret" in your industry

    • Any fear that sabotages your success or causes you to settle for less

    • The vicious cycle of overwhelm

If you answered YES to any of the statements above,

here's what we need to do: 


  • Help you re-define who you are as an unlimited woman AND QUEEN  in your own life and business

  • Level up your success mindset and behaviors that guarantees fulfillment, satisfaction and abundance

  • Redefine your relationship with money that prevents you from experiencing financial breakthroughs and profitability

  • Learn how to create a strategic business plan that comes from your higher-self as Queen so that you are able to make empowered decisions that guarantee your success in life and business

  • Find a high-vibrational community of like-minded women who support your Reign As Queen in every area of your life! This is about ongoing accountability, support and partnership that guarantees your success



When you think about queens, most of us understand that there is a long history of beliefs, rules, and processes that every queen must adhere to in order to be acknowledged and accepted as queen. Traditionally, the status of becoming a queen is either inherited through birth or gained by way of marriage. However, at this retreat, you will learn how to give yourself permission to rule, lead, and live your life on your own terms as Queen. 

At this getaway, you will...​ ​

  • Learn about the Archetype of Queen in your life and business

  • Reconnect to your soul and spiritual higher self that will elevate your next level Sacred Why

  • Realign and expand your core values as Queen

  • Redefine your deeper and higher purpose

  • Prepare yourself to manifest your breakthroughs for unlimited success

  • Allow in MORE of your dreams and desires NOW


As part of your getaway package, you will have the opportunity to join my Queen's 90-Day Inner Circle Accountability Group.


This private and exclusive group will meet in Facebook for 90-days where each week of accountability will empower you to learn how to connect and listen to your Heart Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence while you also learn top manifesting principles and strategies based on the Law of Attraction Origins Principles that focuses on your Intention Point (heartmath).


We will also:

  • Take a 360-degree view of your life and business to assess blind spots
  • Identify your costly blind spots that are keeping you from experiencing your next level of extraordinary success

  • Refocus and redesign your calendar and schedule to maximize your time and energy so you can focus on strategy, productivity, and profitability, leadership and team support

  • Learn strategies to helping you get and stay balanced, keep your energy and vibration high, magnetize your ability to attract money and create momentum in every area of your life and business

  • Develop success partnership alliances with other women entrepreneurs

  • Connect to your higher level of like-minded women to inspire, empower, and support you next level of unlimited success


Come for 1-day and experience the power of connecting to your higher-self and 15 like-minded women ready rise like the phoenix out of the ashes of destruction and take their body, soul, and spirit back in order to live FREE, full, abundant, and unlimited.


We'll enjoy the beautiful and Oceanside private villa at the luxurious Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, CA.


Be prepared to fully be catered to, supported, and guided into your Reign as Queen!



Reign As Queen in 2019 Getaway

An intimate group of women entrepreneurs preparing themselves for unlimited success - for 10 - 15 women ONLY



Women entrepreneurs, in any industry, who are ready to experience their highest level of unlimited success in every area of their life and business in 2019. 



Women entrepreneurs are notorious for burning the candle at both ends. We attempt to give our best to our business and to all our responsibilities in our life and business but often to no avail...little to no results.   


Reign As Queen in 2019 Getaway will inspire you to understand that your highest self-care, growth, and mastery, including success rituals, are essential to your Queenship and success in every area of your life.


Taking time away from your business in order to focus on your personal and entrepreneurial development can and will powerfully help keep you aligned, motivated, and drive to accomplish your higher dreams, desires, intentions, and goals while experiencing the power and balance of who you are as a woman and especially as Queen ~ operating from your higher place of confidence, ease, grace, and power!


Consider this your personal invitation to reconnect, realign, and refresh your entrepreneurial mind, body, and spirit.


Together, with Dr. Anita, and a unique sisterhood of like-minded, passionate women entrepreneurs, YOU will experience a weekend like no other to prepare yourself for MORE success in every area of their life and business in 2019!



Saturday, January 13  from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 


The Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Beach Coast

22701 Pelican Hill Road South

Newport Coast, CA 92657

Travel is the responsibility of the attendee!




Perched upon 504 acres of unrivaled coastal beauty, Pelican Hill® is set apart as a world unto itself, offering a feast for the senses and a summer retreat for family and friends. The Pelican's private Villas and Bungalow Guest Rooms & Suites are all spacious and casually elegant, with an attentive staff there to anticipate your needs at every turn. Resort amenities are designed with you in mind, providing all the comforts of home with the activities and ultimate relaxation of a vacation away.


All sessions will take place in Dr. Anita's Oceanside Villa with a private butler and chef to serve us like Queens.



The Pelican offers a coastal breeze, fresh farm-to-table ingredients. They have several restaurants offering seasonal menus and ocean-view terraces, so you can enjoy every meal with a side of breathtaking sunsets. 

Light refreshments and lunch will be served in Dr. Anita's Villa on Saturday!


Includes Saturday light refreshments, lunch, workshop materials, and

Dr. Anita's Queen's 90-Day Inner Circle Accountability Group.

  • Full payment - $397 

  • Payment Option - two payments of $238.20 (second payment due two days BEFORE getaway).

VIP Evening with Dr. Anita

Queen's Activation Session

For those interested in arriving early (Friday, January 12 between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.) come and experience a more intimate time with Dr. Anita as she guides you through a Queen's Activation Session.  


This session is an additional $197 and must be requested. Session is exclusive and only available for the first five women who sign up for this session. See Dr. Anita for additional details and payment.

Due to the nature of this retreat - ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

Retreat must be paid in full in order to attend - NO REFUNDS.





  • Is this retreat appropriate for anyone and/or new or aspiring entrepreneurs? 
    Yes, absolutely! 

  • Does this retreat include travel arrangements?

No. All travel arrangements are the responsibility of the attendee.

  • When is the deadline to sign up? 
    Space is limited! We will close registration when it's full, so sign up as soon as you're ready! 

  • I may need to arrive late (or leave early), is that ok? 

Of course! We know that might happen with a group of busy entrepreneurs. However, we encourage you to take this time for YOU and get the most out of it by participating in the full day.

  • What is the cancellations/refund policy?

Due to the nature of this retreat, all sales are final!​ No Refunds!

  • How many spots are available at this retreat?

Only 15 spots are available. Once all spots are filled, no more spots will be opened in order to keep our retreat very intimate and powerful.


Email us at

Getaway Schedule

Friday, January 12, 2019 - VIP Queen's Activation Session

Evening Session (5 spots available ONLY)

  • 4:00 p.m. - Check-In and Free Time (Enjoy the grounds or visit the spa and relax)

  • 6:00 p.m. - VIP Introductions, Group Meditation, Activation Sessions

Saturday, January 13, 2019 - The Foundation & Preparation of Queenship

Morning Session

  • 6:30 a.m. - Optional Prayer, Meditation, and Session/Retreat Intention

  • 7:00 a.m. - Optional  Yoga

  • 7:30 a.m. - Light refreshments at Dr. Anita's Villa

  • 8:30 a.m. - Group Introductions

  • 9:30 a.m. 
    What does it mean and take to be a Queen in Your Life and Business?

  • 12:00 p.m. - Dr. Anita's Villa

Saturday, January 13, 2019 - The Execution of Queenship

Afternoon Session

  • 1:00 p.m. - Taking Your Throne - The Process of Becoming Queen

  • 4:00 p.m. - Close of Session OR continue for rest of evening

  • 6:00 p.m. - Group Success Meditation and Energy Clearing Session with Jimmy  Mack

Our intention is to give you plenty of free time to be alone, play, and do as you please, while at the same time connect as a sisterhood and group.


This schedule is subject to change without notice.


We now offer payment installments on approved applications through Square Business Merchant Accounts. With a 9.99% API (approved payment installments), you can select to pay your retreat in 3, 6, 9, or 12 months dramatically reducing your monthly payments and guaranteeing your all-inclusive retreat spot. Ask Dr. Anita how to apply for this option.

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