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Savvy Unlimited Business Woman,

There has never been a more powerful time in our history for women entrepreneurs to make a bigger impact in our world than NOW!. 


As women, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, wives, mothers, experts, leaders, speakers, and authors we have an amazing opportunity to rewrite the rules and change how women show up in our genius, our power, and our ability to influence healing and transformation that lasts for generations.

This requires more from us as women entrepreneurs than just launching another coaching program.  It requires that we become BOLD, visible, and audacious in our feminine leadership. It requires that we intensify our ability to attract and magnetize opportunities while making becoming holistically wealthy a priority in every woman's life and business. I strongly believe that this can only be done when more women become the highest and best version of their divine selves that demonstrates the fullness of God, the Universe, and the heart-beat of the sacred feminine essence.

Here's what I know if true...

You are hard at work doing everything you can to attract new clients, build your brand, make a name for yourself as a leading new thought leader in your  industry while at the same time impact with world with your message, solutions, and offerings.


And yet, in the entrepreneurial/coaching industry, all of us are noticing that things have and continue to change and change dramatically.

There is more competition, over saturation, and more of the "same thing" is being said in almost every industry creating nothing more than noise than impact, influence, or global solutions. 

So what do you do in an ever changing industry even when what the top leaders are telling what to do isn't working?

The Answer: 

  • You stop, breathe, and intuitively assess your surroundings

  • You go deep within and connect to your higher divine self, truth, and desires

  • You ask very specific and key questions to align with your divinity and abundance.

  • You allow God as your ultimate Source to guide you in becoming MORE of your undeniable, unlimited self

  • You begin to dream much bigger about and for your life and business

  • You write everything down (journaling is key)

  • You create a powerful strategic plan that focuses on partnerships

  • You hire a business strategy coach

  • Then, you learn new and innovative way to help you take your brand, message, and business to the next level  



You are being called to remember who you REALLY are

(whole, complete, nothing missing, nothing broken)

You are being called to step into your HIGHER  DIVINE SELF.

You are being called to SPEAK more of your truth and wisdom.

You are being called to SHOW UP in your genius.

You are being called to LEAD in every area of your life and business.

You are being called to make a BIGGER impact in your family, community, and the world.

You are being called to CHANGE THE RULES in how we live our lives and run our businesses.


A Message from

Dr. Anita M. Jackson 

Founder and CEO of

The Unlimited Woman Alliance &

AMJ Productions and Publications

Over the past two and a half years, I have been doing everything required or "right" in order to build my coaching, consulting, and publishing business like every other business woman in the coaching industry. In many ways, I saw and received great success but like so many other women entrepreneurs, I also struggle with experiencing consistency in growth, impact, and abundance.


Regardless of all the external changes I made (participating in various  manifestations programs, learning new online strategies, creating a new website, better photos, implementing Facebook ads, launching a new magazine, speaking at various networks, etc.), I still wasn't seeing the results that I wanted to see. So, after much prayer and meditation, I received a clear message that it was time to restructure my business to include partners and focus on HIGH visibility. This made ALL the difference in the world. 

What I've learned during this process is that attracting high level power partners much easier than working with an investor and every lesson learned has been invaluable. I gained a very clear understanding of:

  • What it means to be a woman who is also a CEO 

  • What it takes to attract power partners willing to collaborate in exchange of expertise, resources, and network connections

  • The power of having a very clear mission and vision for your brand, message, and business is essential to attracting high-level partners and clients

  • Brand visibility for both you and the power partner is key

  • There are SEVERAL funding opportunities to women with the right business model and/or service

In 2018, corporate sponsors has already funded over $24.2 billion dollars in sponsorships.

Now, The Unlimited Woman Alliance has now partnered with Sponsor Concierge to offer corporate sponsorship training and support in helping more women entrepreneurs attract corporate sponsors in the amount of $25,000 or more. This is why I created the Savvy Unlimited Business Woman Accelerator Program. 

Savvy Unlimited Business Woman Accelerat

Savvy Unlimited Business Woman,


There is money available for you to help and empower you in taking your brand, message, and business to the next level.


As the CEO and leader of your business, you must learn how to position yourself and structure your business in order to receive MORE now.


This is what the Savvy Unlimited Woman Business Accelerator Program is all about - mastering the art of positioning, leveraging, and receiving through a 90-Day Success Embodiment Process with Corporate Sponsorship Readiness Strategies.

This program is an intricate, intimate individual (with some group) process that ensures that every client will:

  • Gain clarity and confidence in who you are as a divine and highly empowered CEO

  • Design a higher-level service/product based business that aligns with your values and dreams so that you attract the right corporate sponsor

  • Create a well-defined business strategic plan

  • Create a well-defined and structured corporate sponsorship proposal

Accelerator Program Format

The Savvy Unlimited Business Woman Accelerator Program is a 90-day Success Embodiment Process that also includes corporate sponsorship readiness strategies.


*Our ultimate focus and goal is to help you design a global brand business strategic plan and corporate sponsorship proposal that attracts at least one corporate sponsor at the $25,000 level for 2019.

Program Format

  • Unlimited Woman VIP Private Intensive with Dr. Anita
    (face-to-face or virtual - 6 hours with breaks)

    • Meet Dr. Anita at her favorite 5-star hotel - Pelican Hill in Newport, CA (face-to-face)

    • Morning session: Your Higher Personal Unlimited Success Plan

      • focuses on who you are as an Unlimited Woman and Queen as you gain profound clarity to accessing your deeper/higher feminine and CEO self. Then we begin identifying your unique success embodiment process to help you tap into your next level of  (very experiential)

    • Afternoon session:​ Your Business/Corporate Strategic Plan

      • focuses on your BIGGER mission and vision for 2019 that empowers to design your next level of business strategic plan and corporate sponsor proposal​. This includes reviewing your business model, money model and goals, and identifying your higher support team.

As part of your Accelerator Process you will receive:

  • The Unlimited Woman Success Mastery Kit (designed by Dr. Anita)

  • 12; 60-min weekly sessions with 12; 30-min follow up sessions to begin designing and implementing your personal, business, and corporate strategic plan and proposal

  • Home-study Attracting Corporate Sponsors System from Sponsor Concierge this includes various audios, videos, VIP Calls, sponsorship reports, current sponsor contact information, sponsor templates, agreements, and additional resources

  • One VIP ticket to attend Sponsor Secret Seminar - October 2 - 4, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA hosted by Sponsor Concierge

    • Discover how to get $10,000 to $100,000 dollars in corporate sponsorships

    • Secrets of profitable events that attract corporate sponsors

    • Learn how to get your book, speaking, show, non-profit, event or small business funded

    • How to get revenue and resources to transform lives, create your legacy and get your message out.

This will be a very experiential and supportive success embodiment process. All sessions will be offered virtually through Zoom and recorded. You will receive an mp3 of all sessions.

Accelerator Program


This program is originally priced at $12,000 and will be increasing to $15,500 to include the Attracting Corporate Sponsors home-study program from Sponsor Concierge and VIP ticket to Sponsor Secrets Seminars when offered. Next seminar event takes place on October 2 - 4, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA.


Price increase takes place August 6, 2018.

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*Please note:

Corporate sponsorship ultimately is about developing an intimate and on-going relationship and partnership with a corporation. Typical time-frame for funding to be approved and given can range between six to eight months. We highly recommend that you attend the LIVE Sponsors Secrets Seminars when offered to potentially expedite the possibility of receiving your corporate sponsorship funding sooner. Several corporate sponsors and experts attend these seminars looking for various sponsorship opportunities. 

**Please Be Advised

The Savvy Unlimited Business Woman Accelerator Program is eligible for our business payment installment plan. This is a Square Business Merchant application process. If approved, a 9.99% API will be added to your investment cost and your first payment may be due within the first 30 to 45 days of approval. An estimated payment installment amount for this program is $10,559.04.  You can selected to make payments in 3, 6, 9, or 12 months for your convenience.

If you apply for our payment installment plan, you may be expected to make a few payments BEFORE you receive your corporate sponsorship funding. Please financially plan accordingly. Your account with The Unlimited Woman Alliance via Dr. Anita will be considered paid-in-full. No refunds are available.

This option MUST be requested in written to Dr. Anita at In your email subject line, please write - Accelerator Program Installment Request.

If you have any questions or would like to speak directly with Dr. Anita about this amazing and powerful corporate sponsorship process, feel free to schedule an appointment here:

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