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Service, Program, Products, and Sales Policies 


Congratulations on the purchase of your coaching package, program or product with Dr. Anita. Within 48 hours, you will receive information about the purchase of your product, program, and/or services from Dr. Anita and her Success Team.


Please read the following service, program, products, and sales policies.


General Sales Purchase Policy:

The Unlimited Woman Alliance, Power HER Success Brand (includes the Academy, Network, and Podcast), HER Global Voice, as well as AMJ Productions and Publications (AMJP2) with Dr. Anita M. Jackson operates under Jackson Global Training & Consultation Services who holds a number of special offers at various times, we must adhere to our policy that products and program prices, sales, special discounts, free trials, and the like are valid only for the dates and deadlines upon which they are offered, so they are not valid on previous or future purchases. Also, any promo, coupon or discount codes must be used at the time of purchase, at the checkout page in our shopping cart, and they are not valid on previous or future purchases. We do not make exceptions to this policy as it would not be fair practice to do so.


Unless indicated on your coaching, program or product agreement, we do not offer refunds on purchase OR two (2) coaching sessions with Dr. Anita, whichever comes first. 


Physical and Digital Products:

Please note the guarantees and payment terms on the sales page for each individual product.


Telephone-based teaching, mentoring and coaching programs:

Please note the guarantees and payment terms on the sales page for each program. Training and materials are offered in our best of intention to provide excellence and high service to all participants. We do our due diligence to provide valid and current content for the highest possible of transformation and success.


Payment Policies:

If you choose a payment plan to pay for your program, you agree to pay the registration fee in full as per the terms of that payment plan as listed on the registration page for the program.


Also, if you choose a payment plan to pay for your registration, and your credit or debit card is declined for any reason for any of the payments, you will immediately use another form of payment upon notification of the decline, or you will forfeit your placement in the program until payment is made.


If you choose to remove or cancel yourself from a program prior to the end of the program dates, you understand that refunds will not be issued, and if you’ve chosen to pay your registration fee via the installment plan, that you are still responsible for paying your balance in full. 


Various programs may offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – if you are unsatisfied, please contact my team for further details at dranita@dranitamjackson.com.


Still have questions?

Simply get in touch with The Unlimited Woman Success Team at dranita@dranitamjackson.com or theunlimitedwomannetwork@gmail.com.


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Legal Disclaimer: 

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Individual successes are dependent on his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation and follow through.  


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