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Manifesting Abundance

Each and every day is an opportunity to manifest abundance. As women learn to allow themselves to receive more abundance in every area of their lives, we then have a greater capacity to give and this can only happen when women get back to our spiritual authentic truth and purpose. Here are a few steps to empower you to becoming a high-faith and high-vibrational woman.

The core element to becoming a high-faith, high vibrational woman starts by divinely knowing you are enough in every aspect of being a woman. From there, it becomes fairly easy to begin experiencing a life of abundance, significance, meaning, and power.

Steps to Experiencing Abundant Manifestations


  1. Releasing All That Is Toxic

  2. The process of releasing literally means “letting go.” In this step, you are encouraged to identify beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and habits that maybe indirectly blocking your ability to manifest your desires in your body, soul (mind, will, and emotions), and spirit.

  3. Body – The body has always been considered the temple of God, the Divine. Psychologically and medically, it has been proven that the body is powerfully connected to and influences the mind. If the body is well, the mind is well. If the body is not well, the mind is not well. Releasing toxin in the body starts by eliminating the following items from your everyday eating habits. Eliminate: white sugar, white bread, starchy foods, carbonated sodas, salt, processed foods, etc. Increase H2O intake: water with lemon, lime, cucumber, strawberries and crushed mint to create a natural fat flush process. Fasting for short periods of time can also help with releasing toxic. If possible, fast from food for 4 hours up to a full day. During this time, be sure to increase your water intake and/or protein intake via healthy shakes.

  4. Energy - It is also important to raise your energy and vibrational levels. Here are a few ways to do that: exercise (dancing, Zumba, walking, running, yoga, Pilates, etc.). Begin utilizing Mindfulness Practice (the practice of being and becoming aware). Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as “tapping.” Tapping on specific meridian points helps energy to move through the body easily and opens up blocked meridian points freeing our body’s chakras. Other ways to raise your energy and vibration are: using binary beats (affects brainwaves and whole brain function to allow a deeper sense of peace and relaxation so that when setting your intention, you can vibrate a higher level of peace and confidence – strongly recommend. Check out for videos and audios. They have four (4) free ones you can download. I especially like the Strong Woman video. Watch Mind Movies ( or better yet, create your own. Use incantation statements such as, “Every day and in every way I am wealthier and wealthier.” Now this must be sung with some type of upbeat and used with some type of body movement (walking or EFT). This triggers the brain to create a deep neurological pathway on this incantation/affirmation because you are using several parts of your brain at once helping you move this affirmation deep into your subconscious mind – exactly where you want it.

  5. Soul – The soul consist of the mind (thoughts), will (behaviors), and emotion (feelings). Releasing beliefs, emotions, thoughts and behaviors that hinder our ability to move forward is crucial to our manifestation process. To help you begin to identify areas that may be blocking you, here is an exercise called The Timeline of Loss. A loss is any type of experience you may have had a meaningful attachment to whether that be a person, a dream, desire, innocence, health, finances, relationship, job, friends, etc.

  6. On a piece of paper placed horizontally, draw a line from the left side of paper to the right. On top of the line is where you would list your ages from birth to now. On the bottom of line you will chronologically list all of your losses. How to identify a loss is to list any experience you recall and feel some level of hurt, pain, resistance, or a strong physical sensation in your throat or chest as you think about the experience. Any experience where you become very emotional, or feel any type of tightness or soreness in your body may be an indication of a loss, more than likely, has not been fully processed.

  7. Once you have completed your timeline of loss, see if you notice a theme or pattern merging from your experiences. Those themes indicate your core challenges that have not been fully processed. However, on a positive note, identifying your core challenges also helps you identify your core purpose. Whatever challenges you have or are currently experiencing, learn the opposite (the positive) of that issue and it becomes your power and gift to the world.

  8. Spirit – The word spirit literally means “breathe of life.” Many religious faiths believe that all humans are spiritual beings, living in human bodies, having human experiences that distract and take us from our true identity, nature, and purpose. Spirit also can mean the deepest understanding and essence of your personality. Your likes, dislikes, interests, what excites you as well as what turns you off. A spiritual releasing may include a redefining of your beliefs, values, what you trust, worldviews and perspectives, opinions, etc. Spending time in self-reflection, prayer and meditation can help identify your core absolute truth based on your beliefs and values not influenced by others or society.

  9. You ARE Enough – A New Belief System

  10. The essence of a woman is her most powerful and beautiful asset. Her essence influences life itself. When a woman is not connected to or grounded in her essence (her feminine spirit, her intuition, her sense of knowing, her worth and value, her sensuality and sexuality) then all that exists begins to wane in its own truth and power. Women are the cornerstone, strongest part of any foundation, to man, life, family, society, the economy and our world. She was created divinely to orchestrate the magnitude and greatness of life. She is abundance itself. However, when a woman is not connected to and/or grounded in her essence, the flow of all that is beautiful, healing, loving, and abundant cease to exist. Therefore, it becomes imperative that women boldly declare and claim, I Am Enough.

  11. I Am Enough is not just an intellectual concept. It is a spiritual truth.

  12. I Am Enough is a divine truth that connects you to your likeness in God and the Universe

  13. I Am Enough is a confirmation of your existence

  14. I Am Enough is creation of your reality to experience abundance

  15. I Am Enough is the true core of abundance

  16. I Am Enough enables you to feel grounded, secure, and safe within yourself

  17. I Am Enough is the heartbeat of self-love and self-confidence

  18. I Am Enough is healing of the past, present, and future

  19. I Am Enough is a declaration of one’s worth and birthright

  20. I Am Enough must become the mindset (beliefs, emotions, values, habits, and character) of every woman wanting to manifest her deepest heart’s desires

  21. Preparing To Manifest

  22. After releasing the toxicity from your body, soul, and spirit, it is time to become strategic in manifesting your heart’s desires. Here are several ways to manifest:

  23. Manifest something daily - anything that brings you peace

  24. Manifest something weekly - anything that takes you to the next level

  25. Manifest for one to three things for the entire month - any goals and intentions you have been focusing on

  26. Each day and/or week, identify what type of emotion and experience you would like to have. Ex: you may want to feel more love and experience more sensuality (connecting to all your senses). By identifying what type of feeling you are wanting to have (this connects to your being-ness) and experience (this connects to your doing) you want to have, you become more clear on what you want to manifest.

  27. For an entire month, identify one emotion and one experience would you like to have for the month.

  28. Now that you have identified what type of feeling and experience you are wanting, it’s time to identify what you will do to attract these feelings and experiences. I suggest journaling a list of things using white paper and blue ink, which allows the brain to see and imprint your intentions much more strongly.

  29. Creating movement

  30. Since the Universe responses to how you feel AND what you do, it is important that you create movement toward your intention, your desired manifestation. Now take time to identify the steps you are going to take in order to have the emotion and experience you have identified earlier. Ex: If love is the emotion and sensuality is the experience you want to manifest, it is encouraged that you say, “I love you” to family and friends without expectation, and often. Doing so automatically releases the flow of love and the result of intimacy to come in more easily. For sensuality, purchasing and using aromatherapy, essential oils, getting massages, touching, hugging, playing with pets, all triggers your sensuality and releases oxytocin, which helps people bond and connect…see a pattern here? Another example could be sending a card that communicates your love to someone, just because. Then, allow yourself to receive whatever is given in return by saying, “Thank you. I take that in.” As you willingly and gratefully take their unconditioned gift in, more will flow toward you…promise!

  31. Your Affirmations

  32. Affirmations are positive statements written in present tense. It is best if with every affirmation you attach a strong positive emotion to help strengthen the effects of the affirmation. Personally, I think the best affirmations all start with “I AM.” NOTE: everything after the words “I AM” becomes your reality, whether positive or negative. Ex: I am enough, I am wealthier, I am healthier, or I am not good enough. It is suggested that you do your own research in regards to the power and necessity of saying affirmations. There is tons of information available to you.

  33. Manifesting Your Intentions

  34. Now that you have identified the emotion and experience you want to have for the day, week or month, it is now time to identify your intended desire to manifest. What is crucial about this step is that your intended desire must align with your core beliefs. Therefore, it is encouraged that with each emotion and experience you have identified, try to pinpoint an intention that aligns with each emotion and experience so that as you feel “really good” in both. Your intention is connected to a very high energetic vibration of faith making it easier for the intention to manifest within the 30 days.

  35. Intention – The word intention means, “To act in a specific or determined way that gets results.” The key words here are, “gets results.” One of the reasons why many individuals do not get their intended desired is because they are not focusing on the movement (action step) necessary for the result to manifest. If your intention aligns with the emotion and experience you’ve identified earlier, and if you have created movement toward the manifestation of both, then the possibility of manifesting your desire increases dramatically. Research shows that once you have made a decision on anything, to help the brain create a strong neurological pathway that will support you in accomplishing that decision, you have 72 hours to act on that decision. Same goes for intention. Once you have identified the emotion, experience, and intention for the day, week or month, you have up to 72 hours to do something that helps your brain, and subconscious mind, believe that you are serious about manifesting your intention. It doesn’t have to be big. Any movement toward your emotion, experience, and intention will empower you greatly.

  36. Celebration – Research has shown that when women specifically come together for a common goal, their potential to reach their identified goal i.e.: intention, increases by 60% because of the energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual agreement made among them. Women are natural supporters. Imagine receiving constant support and encouragement for your intentions. Imagine the energetic power and vibration of receiving fully operating in your life so that what you have intended for the next 30 days seems virtually easy. Imagine the power and flow of giving and receiving operating simultaneously in your life because you are giving it to someone else. The results will be, astounding.

I personally want to encourage you to complete this process and share whether daily, weekly or monthly intentions in our Unlimited Woman Lifestyle & Business Network Facebook group here: .

Then, wouldn’t it be great if several of us give words of support and encouragement, and maybe even a few recommendations on how to accomplish listed intentions. Collectively, this will empower us as a group to create a powerful vortex of giving and receiving, which ultimately will empower each of us individually to become high vibrational women.

This challenge is optional but one I hope every member of our community will take. At the end of the month of August, it would be great to hear from several of you what this process was like and what you manifested. I’m intending that several of you will become manifestation DIVAS.

To Your Success and Abundant Manifestations!

With Love,

Dr. Anita

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