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Mastering Your Success

Everyone wants to be successful. The idea of feeling and being holistically secure mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually and financially is considered an essential ingredient to living life abundantly. We work hard to have it. We often sacrifice our body, soul, spirit and those things we love most to experience it. We believe that in becoming successful it will give us the validation we so desperately desire and maybe even need. However, the pursuit of success, unfortunately, is all too often based on what we do to accomplish it rather than who we are. And, if we fail at becoming successful by external standards, it often negatively affects our overall sense of self whether immediately or over time. Yet, the experience of being outrageously successful and unlimited truly is our divine birthright, something etched deep inside our soul and spiritual DNA. Our challenge then is not in doing what it takes to be successful, that’s easy. Our challenge is in allowing ourselves to fully be unlimited, outrageously and holistically successful.

For women, often times success is defined by our ability to ensure that others, such as our spouse and children, are experiencing more happiness and success than ourselves leaving us last on the list, if we even include ourselves on the list at all. Yet the truth is, when a woman pursues her own sense of success, she feels more fulfilled and has a great capacity to serve and give to herself, her family, and the world. But, what does “success” for a woman really mean, let alone how do we master it?

First, let’s start by understanding what the words master and success mean.

According to the dictionary, “master” means, “to have control over another.” I will include that master also means to be competent over another. That said, the key areas that women often struggle having control or competency over is in their overall sense of self (not feeling good enough), emotions, relationships, and finances.

When a woman feels in control in these areas of her life, she internally experiences a sense of safety and security that allows her to feel more confident in who she is and what she is able to do in every area of her life. In psychological, Abraham Maslow, one of our founding father in psychology, presented the idea that having a sense of safety is the second most crucial need having to be met in order for a person to move up the ladder of Hierarchy of Needs toward self-actualization. In other words, to be self-actualized one must fully and unconditionally love and accept their strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.

Success is defined as, “the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.” Another way to define success is to be, have and do what is needed and wanted in order to experience life fully and abundantly. Understanding these terms of “master” and “success” empowers every woman to make decisions that aligns with her overall sense of self, her purpose, passion and prosperity.

Here are just a few suggestions for mastering your success:

  • Take time to reconnect to who you are and what would empower you to be contented, happy, rich, wealthy, abundant and successful. This may require working with a coach to help you identify ways to powerfully step into you next level of success.

  • Be apart of a community women that focuses on creating and empowering a success oriented mindset. Being a member of community enables you to continually be encouraged, inspired and supported in your pursuit to experience and have outrageous success. The concept of success for most of us must be something we hear and experience regularly to help us create a success oriented mindset. May I humbly suggest considering becoming a member of the Unlimited Woman Lifestyle & Business Network launching in March. Until then, become join our Facebook group and stay active. Go to:

  • Keep learning and growing. To master success, you must become a lifelong learner willing to gain new information, develop a new way of knowing, being, and doing that propels you to your next level of success.

Although I could give you many more suggestions to mastering your success, these points are fundational. By allowing yourself to become successful on your own terms, you have the potential and ability to create and establish an amazing legacy and influence in the lives of others, especially you family and your future.

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