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The Psychology and Essence of an Unlimited Woman

The Psychology and Essence of a Unlimited Woman is a study and understanding of the mental, emotional, spiritual and behavioral aspects of a woman wanting to become a different type of woman…free from all titles of limitations.

This psychology discusses the nine attributes of an unlimited woman, her needs, and the dysfunctions that happen when her needs are not met and are out of balance. The nine attributes are: sensual, sexual, femininity (our essence and personality), playfulness (the child, our little girl), achiever (leader), warrior (strength and courage), shadow (dark side), spiritual (divinity), mother (the nurture)

Sensuality (our essence)

A woman’s sensuality is responsible for her experience of pleasure in and through all her senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound). It influences her experience of, appreciation and desire for beauty and romance. It is her power to attract intimate relationships, partnerships, and experiences. It is her power to experience life more fully and richly through her being-ness.

Sexuality (our essence)

A woman’s sexuality is responsible for the biology and function of her body. Sexuality allows a woman to experience the physical dynamics of sex. It empowers her to feel, and look sexy through the appreciation, care, and commitment to her body. It is an external, physical expression of her sensual being-ness.

Femininity (our essence and personality)

Femininity is the essence of a woman’s consciousness (mindset). Femininity empowers a woman to understand the meaning of being a woman. It defines who she is, creates her personality, and expresses her inner essence, truth and power. It influences the development of her value system and empowers her to live according to their truth inside her. Femininity is a woman’s vibrational and energetic flow and power. It is her presence in and upon the environment. It is the balance and counterpart to masculine energy. It is the influence of how abundance is released and received individually and globally.

Playfulness (The child, our little girl)

Playfulness is a child of freedom. It allows a woman to be free in every given moment. It allows her to let go, to be a dreamer, visionary, while allowing each part to have an outward expression of fun.

Achiever (leader and influencer)

The Achiever is the aspect of a woman that performs and produces for the subconscious and sometime conscious mind, in order to create and experience safety and security. She is goal and task oriented. The Achiever is driven, motivated, envisions the future, educated (formally and informally), and the seeker of knowledge and wisdom in order to excel. She makes plans and executes them through her masculine energy. This side can be competitive, aggressive, and linear in thinking.

Warrior (our strength and courage)

The Warrior is the aspect of a woman that is the protective, courageous, and a fighter. She is responsible for creating and maintaining a deeper sense of safety and security. The warrior has a strength like none other willing to sacrifice herself for the safety and good of others and sometimes for herself.

Shadow (our dark side)

The Shadow side of a woman is the holder of our pain, hurts, and disappointments. She holds our rejections and any experience that has deeply affected our true sense of self. She is the one who allows parts of our past to be remembered in order to learn lessons for our future. She also discerns which aspects of our past we are strong enough to revisit and process and those we are yet not ready to relive. The parts we are not ready to revisit and process, she holds, hides, and even disguises in order to protect us from pain. However, if she holds too much, she will release whatever necessary in order to help us heal.

Spiritual (our divinity)

The spiritual side of a woman is her true divine self. She is the full representation of the feminine side of God. She is the side of a woman that knows truth, is wise, intuitive, and discerning. She is strongly connected to God, nature and the Universe. She is the essence of life and its continual existence.

Mother (the nurturer)

The Mother side of a woman is the nurture, provider and caregiver who aids in is responsible for the meeting of needs of her loved one. She is the cornerstone to the moral and ethical development of her family and others. Mother is the side of woman is the influencer, the leader, and motivator to being more.

Needs of a Unlimited Woman

Much like Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where each need must be met in order to transcend into one’s higher sense of self-actualization, each attribute of a unlimited woman has needs that when met empowers a woman to be and live a richer and fulfilling life. Once a woman can identify those needs for each attribute listed above, she can begin to live limitless.

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