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Be A Woman of Courage

Millions of women are bombarded, directly and indirectly, with messages that often cause us to feel ashamed about who we are, how we look, the desires we have, and how we live our lives. These messages have influenced a silent and yet epidemic mindset among women that we are not good enough. Such deadly messages has perpetuating a cultural response in women to work hard in order to prove ourselves as worthy enough, pretty enough, desirable enough, or good enough. Whether young or old, we are all negatively affected by these messages and it is not until we finally say “enough is enough” will we begin to see a change in how women are viewed, valued, and appreciated for their amazing giftedness to life.

Here at Unlimited Woman headquarters, we believe that women are so much more than our past, our stories, our pain, our credentials, our resources, and the disguises we often wear to help us merely survive. We believe foremost, that the essence of a woman living and operating from her feminine power and truth is a crucial element to humankind’s spiritual healing and restoration, balance and harmony, wealth and abundance, growth and overall success. Despite the amazing contributions women have already made to society, we believe there is so much more for women to contribute and offer. Never before have women had more power and rights than they do now in shaping the future of our families, communities, and world. But, to make such a powerful contribution to our family, friends and this world takes courage.

What is Courage?

Defined, courage is the mental and moral strength one has to do something that frightens us. When faced with various direct and indirect challenges in life, i.e. not feeling good enough, we must remember to rely on our internal convictions that empowers and supports us in remembering who we truly are and that all of our dreams and desires have great meaning, purpose and value.

With so many external messages challenging our overall sense of self, it become imperative that we as women make a decision (to reach a definite conclusion) that we will live life on our own terms unapologetically. This decision is not to be made from a place of arrogance, attitude, or manipulation, but purely from a place of believing we are enough and unlimited to do so without needing external permission, approval and/or acceptance from anyone other than our higher spiritual divinity and calling.

Each time you make a decision to be authentically true to your “enoughness”, you become stronger in not allowing the bombardment of outside messages to dictate who you are and what you can be and do in your life.

Top 3 Ways to Develop Your Feminine Courage

#1 – Know Thyself: As a woman, you have the perfect opportunity to truly be in control of who you are, how others see and know you as well as how you choose to show up in every area of your life and business. The more you know your own likes, dislikes, dreams and desires, or more simply put what you REALLY want out of life, the more power you will have in actually creating that for yourself now and in the future. Be courageous and take responsibility in being your unapologetic authentic self and see how much more successful you will become in every area of your life.

#2 – Live Unapologetically: By know you know that life is precious and short. The more you live in the present moment of your life, the more likely you will experience fewer regrets if you are living from your authentic values, truth and with meaning and purpose. It’s in this mindset and way of being and doing that you can live unapologetically as every decision, moment, interaction, and action you take based on your personal truth. If you are not in alignment with your personal truth, you are living for someone else (consciously or unconsciously) and guess what…what they have planned for you isn’t very much.

#3 – Courageous Partnerships: Women are emotional and relational beings. Our overall sense of self is greatly influenced by our relationships, which makes it even more necessary for us as women to pay very close attention to the type of relationships we have with God, Source, Spirit, Universe, others, and ourselves. Having courageous partnership means interacting with like-minded individuals who support and love you unconditionally while at the same time holding you accountable to your greatness. You were not created to be, live, or do everything alone. You were created for relationship and it is in these intentional courageous partnerships that our worst can fall away, be healed, and bring forth our greatness, if we are willing to allow this to be true.

Although there are definitely more keys to being courageous as a woman, these keys are part of the foundation in helping you get started in being a courageous women for unlimited and outrageous success.

Remember, you ARE enough and unlimited…

Always Have Been…Always Will Be!

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