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Who Is The Unlimited Woman?

So exactly, who is the "Unlimited Woman?

  1. She believes in herself and in who God created her to be - her belief and faith in who she is, made in the image and divine likeness of the feminine side of God is the heartbeat of who she is and how she lives her life and operates her business on a daily basis

  2. She is madly in love with being a feminine woman - there is nothing more powerful than a woman who loves herself, her good, her bad, and even those parts of herself that she thinks is ugly. Why? Because she has come to a place within herself that, she is enough just where she is and THAT is FREEDOM.

  3. She has mastered the balance of her feminine and masculine energy - this balancing act is a powerful one because it creates oneness and wholeness. This experience allows us to feel secure, grounded, and confident in every area of our lives. Master all of you and you will be able to master everything in life and in your business.

  4. She believes in her dreams, desires, and vision, even on those days when it's hard to do so - a woman must remember that everything happens for her highest good. When this becomes her truth, she is free to move through those "hard times" more easily, with grace and quickly. This is a foundational principle for unlimited women.

  5. She is resilient - she uses her past mistakes and failures to move her forward. She understands that her resiliency grows and strengthens when she is a lifelong learner from her journey

  6. She creates her own path - although she is wise enough to know that life is not meant to be lived or experienced alone, and she knows that the wisdom of others can powerfully help her along the way, she is confident enough within herself to receive information from others but in the end she makes her own decision about who she is, what she wants, where she's going and the next steps in every area of her life.

  7. She goes beyond what is considered "the safe and popular" path - reread number five.

  8. She doesn't apologize for her dreams and desires - once you begin apologizing for your dreams and desires you nullify your faith in yourself and what God, Source and Spirit has placed inside you to fully experience and express here on earth. There is nothing wrong with your dreams and desires that you must apologize for to anyone, even yourself. Your dreams are an inner reflection of you and your spiritual truth

  9. She has a strong inner circle and sisterhood of relationships - every woman knows that women are relational beings needing to have regular experiences with other women to feel grounded and a sense of belonging. In her relationship with other like-minded women or sisters in her life, she can powerfully transform how she lives and experiences she has for unlimited success. The sooner we own our power of relationship the more influential we'll become.

  10. She is grateful - an attitude of gratefulness only creates more opportunities to be grateful which means your life is becoming abundant. Gratitude = abundance. Be grateful always.

This is who an Unlimited Woman is and the more women embody and become this truth and summons their internal power to live like this daily, we will empower our men, children, family, community and the world to do the same.

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Mentoring spiritual, heart-centered women entrepreneurs in becoming confident and unlimited in strategically sharing their brand, message, and business globally through online global media and print while making great money.

Dr. Anita is the Founder and CEO of The Unlimited Woman Lifestyle & Business Network and Unlimited Woman Global Business Academy. She is the Sr. Executive Producer of Unlimited Woman TV Channel (formerly Outrageous Success Women’s Network Channel and TV), publisher of AMJ Productions and Publications and President of The I Am Enough Institute.

She is also a feminine success empowerment expert, speaker, and international best-selling author.

Through AMJ Productions and Publications, she is the publisher of I Am Enough Magazine, an international recognized online magazine, and the Unlimited Woman Magazine - a feminine entrepreneur lifestyle, luxury magazine mentoring spiritual, heart-centered women in life, business, style, and success mastery (publishing in 2017).

Dr. Anita M. Jackson is fast becoming a sought after feminine transformational speaker, leader, and success coach within the feminine empowerment movement. She has an unquenchable passion to lead a movement of women to a higher level of being and doing that literally creates a tipping point of healing for others worldwide.


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