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It's time for you to take your life back.

You're a woman with big dreams and desires.


You're a woman who want to live a full and independent life.


You dream of having the freedom and flexibility you need to in order do what you want when you want.


However, the ongoing demands of everyday life and business responsibilities can often make it almost impossible to get ahead.

Are you feeling the stress and strain of demands in your life and business?

Are you wondering what you need to do in order to find and experience balance, peace of mind, and more ease and flow in your life?

Do you wake up some morning wondering, "How did I get here?"

Are you ready to FINALLY break the cycle of feeling and experience the symptoms of overwhelm?

Finally: Experience the Freedom You Desire and Deserve Break Free from the Struggle and Vicious Cycle of Stress and Overwhelm

Learn How to Living Your Full and Unlimited Life NOW!

As a highly spiritual, ambitious, and success oriented woman who has been very blessed to have experienced a great deal of success in my business which includes, 26 years of experience as a psychotherapist and coach, publisher of two internationally recognized online magazines, best-selling author of three books and co-author of six additional books, in addition to being the producer and host of a popular online TV show and network with a major production network, you would think I would have learned how to manage stress and overwhelm well. But this is far from the truth.

Despite all the knowledge I have about anxiety, stress, depression, and all other issues regarding mental health and well-being, I struggled with feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, unconsciously dissatisfied in almost every area of my life. My solution for the problem - work harder until I remembered that working harder is not the solution. 

The solution is about going back to the basics and focusing on three key areas to taking back my life :

  • My Body

  • My Soul (mind, will, and emotions)

  • My Energy and Spirit

At the core of experiencing the vicious cycle of overwhelm, is understanding that when we have been under stress for six months or longer, our body produces cortisol that keeps us trapped in the cycle of overwhelm that can only be broken when we cleanse our entire body and change our lifestyle.

This is why I created the Ultimate Freedom Series Program- a multi-dimensional series of programs designed to focus on whole body, soul, and spirit healing and transformation that ensures ultimate freedom for every unlimited woman.

Below is a brief description of each program:

  • 30-Day Overwhelm Detox Program

  • The Unlimited Woman 6-Figure Club Membership

  • Ultimate Freedom Program - A 90-Day Feminine Healing and Success Immersion Program 9 Key steps to Balance, Self-Confidence, and Abundance

This cleanse and detoxification program is simple and easy to follow. Consisting of a series of innovative products by doterra that works with your inherent cleansing processes, when combined with a healthy diet, the renewing cleanse works to maximize the health and efficiency of your vital cleansing organs so that you can minimize toxic load naturally and maintain the results long-term.

Work with  Dr. Anita as she guides you through this 30-day program to help you feel:

  • Improve the efficiency of your body’s own toxic cleansing mechanisms for sustainable health.

  • Increased energy, stamina, and vitality

  • Increased focus and clarity

  • Feeling more emotionally balanced and happy

  • Increased metabolism

  • Possible weight loss

  • Improved immune system

You will receive:

  • Program guide

  • Program Food Diary

  • Program Handouts

  • Detox Essential Oil Guide

  • Downloadable video and audio of program

  • Participation in private Facebook group for daily support and accountability

Full Payment

Three Payments

There has never been a more powerful time in our history for women to join together in sisterhood, healing, growth, and personal and entrepreneurial success mastery than now.

As a community, the Unlimited Woman 6-Figure Club focuses on:

  • Bringing women back together in real, authentic, vulnerable gatherings that deepens our relationships and builds sisterhood.

  • Reminding women who they are as divine spiritual beings with unlimited potential and possibilities

  • Providing mentorship, guidance, and support that help more women blossom in their unique path to living life abundantly, unlimited all while building lucrative, sustainable businesses that makes a global impact

  • Helping women develop their personal and entrepreneurial success mastery skills that empowers to brand, message, and business confidence and influence


As a member of our Club, you will have access to:

  • Various mastery courses (some free or for cost)

  • On-going mentorship and training in our private Facebook community

  • Success Coaching Services (receive the support you need to building your 6-figure lifestyle and business)

  • 1-yr digital subscription to Unlimited Woman Magazine

  • Expert Interviews and Masterclasses (you'll learn insider secrets from top 6-figure feminine entrepreneurs)

  • Affiliate opportunity (as a member, you can receive affiliate monthly payments for promoting the Club)

  • Opportunity to apply for the Unlimited Woman Business Grant ($250 to $1000 per quarter - launching October 2018)

  • Receive 20% discount on all Unlimited Woman Alliance programs, products, coaching services, and events (live and virtual)


Our amazing future partnerships through the Alliance will allow us to bring more courses to our members in helping with continue to master health, breaking the cycle of overwhelm, money/finances, leadership, visibility, and so much more.

Join now to find out more.

You are invited to join Dr. Anita's The Unlimited Woman Ultimate Freedom Program.

In this 90-day program, Dr. Anita guides you on afeminine healing and empowerment journey designed to help you break the vicious cycle of overwhelm (stress, anxiety, and any level of depression) that keeps you stuck, broke, and missing out on living your life FREE.


When a woman is experiencing chronic levels of overwhelm (longer than six months), she literally is hurting her body, soul, spirit, and the world is missing out on her essence, gifts, and talents.


In this program, our core focus is to help you take your body, mind, and whole self back by helping you understand and unleash your female brain, balance your moods and emotions, increase your energy and vibration, and activate your Feminine Prosperity Hormone so that you can easily and with grace, love, and consistency manifest your intentions, goals, dreams, and desires for your personal life and in your business NOW!


Find out more here!


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