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The Unlimited Woman Alliance is an online membership community-focused network designed to provide strategic train, mentorship, and support to spiritual, heart-centered feminine entrepreneurs seeking to develop their highest sense of self as savvy, high-end successful woman in their personal life and business.


As an online community, we strive to empower our members to living extraordinary lives while building great wealth that enables them to make legendary impacts in their family, community, and the world. We strive to provide a positive, empowering, supportive, and inspirational environment that influences the well-being and unlimited success for our members, our business partners, our families and our community.


As Unlimited Women, we know that working together, supporting and helping each other to connect and grow, is the truest path to unlimited and outrageous success. Like building blocks, we become solid and strong individually and professionally when we connect together.

As a community, we are striving to build a membership of diverse business women, entrepreneurs, and key players within the community who are seeking to step into their next level of personal and business success. If you are starting a new business venture or you are a seasoned pro, we invite you to connect with us and become part of our Unlimited Woman Lifestyle & Business Network.


Our Mission

As a community, our mission is to build and empower our members in living extraordinary lives while building great financial freedom and wealth that enables our members to make legendary impacts in their family, community, and the world. We strive to provide a positive, empowering, supportive, and inspirational environment that influences the well- being and unlimited success for our members, our business partners, our families and our community.


Participating as an active member of Unlimited Woman Alliance will offer you:

  • Meaningful Connections: 
    As a member of our Network, you will be rejuvenated in your spirit, soul, and body in order to re-charge your drive and determination to succeed as a woman and professional/entrepreneur. Members will have access to like-minded, high-vibrational, and intentional women for encouragement, knowledge, experience, talent, and resources. Connections and opportunities will be made via live events, our Facebook group, and program training and so much more.

  • Community Networking: 
    We hold no policy against membership with other networking organizations. In fact, we highly encourage members to enhance their networking skills by fostering meaningful partnerships with others that empowers all to grow and prosper by participating in multiple networking and/or other business groups. It is Dr. Anita’s vision to train interested members to launch their own networking groups under the Unlimited Woman brand for a higher level of success in their own brand, message, and business. The more we network, the more we all grow!

  • Community Agreement: 
    Our community agreement is to be welcoming and non-competitive to all members.

  • Membership Restrictions: 
    We do not restrict membership to one person per industry or business type.

  • Monthly Success Masterclasses:
    Dr. Anita and her Success Sponsors will be offering monthly virtual Unlimited Woman Gatherings and masterclasses with our Core Master Faculty Members and future Guest Experts to support your continued learning as an Unlimited Woman and entrepreneur. Learn new strategies and techniques to help you succeed. Our monthly events offer a combination of structured and casual networking activities along with educational segments with featured guest experts and speakers focusing on topics to help you advance and excel in business and/or your personal life.

  • Unlimited Woman Programs and Resources: 

  • As we grow, Dr. Anita and the Unlimited Woman team will be offering members access to various training, programs, and resources such as the Unlimited Woman Magazine (web-based); Unlimited Woman Radio and TV Shows with Dr. Anita, coaching services and mentorship opportunities, conferences and retreats to continue empowering the unlimited woman feminine entrepreneurship lifestyle.

  • Benefits of being an Active Member include:

    • Active Members can participate in sharing articles, posts, and resources in private Facebook group

    • Opportunity to schedule one-on-one meetings with other Active Members (because we prefer to buy from and refer to those we know, like, and trust!)

    • Opportunity to Speak at Unlimited Woman Gatherings (additional opportunities may include speaking opportunities within Dr. Anita’s online media network in radio and TV)

    • Marketing to Members – Diamond Level Members will have the opportunity to become vendors or gift-bag participants at selected Gathering meetings and/or Unlimited Woman events

    • All Active Members receive 15% discount on Unlimited Woman Special Events & Training Seminars

    • All Active Members receive discount prices on vendor tables at Unlimited Woman events

    • Unlimited Woman Platinum Mastery Members (launching in 2018) receive 25% discount on advertising prices to promote their business in the Unlimited Woman Magazine (digital magazine only when published)


Receive training on topics such as:

  • Mindset for Manifestation

  • Grow Your High Business Visibility for more leads, opportunities, clients, and money

  • Becoming An Unlimited Woman in Life and Business

  • Increase Your Wealth Consciousness

  • New Mindset Patterns for New Success

  • Be Seen, Heard and Celebrated in Your Brand, Message, and Business

  • Becoming A Best-Selling Author

  • Create Your 6-figure Business with Ease and Confidence

  • And, so much more...



The Unlimited Woman 6-Figure Club



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