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Channel Name Change to "The Unlimited Woman TV Channel"

 January 2017




We, at AMJ Productions and Publications, are proud to announce that The Unlimited Woman TV Channel (formerly known as the Outrageous Success Women’s Network Channel) is now the second highest rating TV channel within the VoiceAmerica.TV Network (27 channels) since our launch in January of 2016.  As a channel, we are averaging 6.5% of VoiceAmerica’s 3.5 million monthly TV and radio audience.  Our continued broadcasting goal is to provide our growing audience with more live and on-demand  empowering, educational, and entertaining content in the areas of personal development, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, spiritual enrichment and more giving you a powerful opportunity to up-level your brand, message and business this year and beyond.


VoiceAmerica is considered the #1 leading, full-service radio and television production and broadcasting company offering worldwide distribution channels and privately owned channels in online broadcasting media for LIVE and on-demand talk radio and TV production.  Serving over 140 countries and 3.5 million listeners and viewers per month with state of the art viewing experiences with worldwide syndication, VoiceAmerica is the pioneer in online broadcasting.


With VoiceAmerica, OSWNC average audience’s demographics include:


·       Age: 23 - 59

·       Entrepreneurial

·       62% college educated

·       73% households earnings $50k or more

·       57% households earning $75k or more

·       69% download audio

·       33% listen and watch streaming radio and TV shows

·       54% spend $500+ on personal development

·       33% spend $300+ on personal development


Currently, VoiceAmericaTV is a private brand within the VoiceAmerica Network.  In 2016, VoiceAmericaTV went public and is now promoting all of their online TV channels worldwide.  


Online video is fast becoming the quickest means for people to get their information, educational, and entertaining needs.  YouTube alone receives 1 billion “unique” viewers every month.  Nielsen online TV ratings are showing that more Americans are watching online TV by 60% more than in the last quarter in 2014 (site: AdWeek -  It is believed that by 2017, video media will account for 70% of all consumer internet traffic, which only confirms the power and importance of having your own online TV show for the promotion and advancement of your brand, message, and business.  Broadcasting your online show on the Outrageous Success Women’s Network powered by VoiceAmericaTV Network is a smart choice for your business advancement and global influential needs.

To watch empowering and inspiring TV shows for women by women, go to:


Outrageous Success Women's TV is to empower, inspire, and educate women in confidently knowing and boldly declaring "I Am Enough" as well as mentor them in becoming outrageously and unapologetically successful in their personal lives and businesses. Together we intend to open up and change the dialogue of conversation among women that empowers and celebrates the beauty, power, strength, courage and uniqueness of women worldwide.

Are you ready to be empowered and inspired in only 30 minutes? 

Join us on Mondays every other week from 4:00 - 4:30 p.m. (PDT) at

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