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The Unlimited Woman Coaching Method and Consultation Packages

Our family, community, and future is calling for a whole new level of personal and business mastery for women worldwide.

This requires all of us, "as western women", to develop a deeper sense of ourselves as spiritual, heart-centered, unlimited, financially free, change agents who are called to make a bigger difference in life through our own unique gifts and talents that empowers and supports our unlimited lifestyle and our business. 


From 2010 until now, I have gone through my own personal dark night of the soul, or what's also called a heroine's journey. This journey is all about finding your divine higher truth and remembering your deeper purpose for your own life and for those you are called to serve. 

During this timeframe, I had several major losses. Lost my job, my home (3 times within this timeframe), the man I was to marry, my money, family, friends, business partners, reputation, my dreams, hopes, and faith were challenged like never before. It was painful and scary.


AND...the best thing that ever happened to me because it clearly showed me where my patterns of limitations were, what I unconsciously believed (despite what I thought I believed and was declaring), where my thoughts and emotions were out of alignment, and how drastically disconnected I was from my body, soul, and spirit. These revelations were the golden key to my healing, evolution, and higher ascension into becoming UNLIMITED!

Now, as a psychotherapist and organizational psychologist, I have noticed that there is a strong intrinsic split (a disconnect, a divide, an imbalance) within myself and among spiritual, heart-centered, feminine entrepreneurs causing a deeper disconnect between where women currently are now and where they desire to be in their personal life and business.


This split is unconsciously and energetically causing too many of us to feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, distracted by busyness, working hard rather than smarter, and constantly struggling with money that keeps them broke, frustrated, unfulfilled, and dissatisfied with EVERYTHING. 

This intrinsic split prevents us from being whole, complete, and available to receiving our absolute best in our life and business, especially in the area of wealth, abundance, and money.


Healing this split means having intentional clarity about who you are FIRST and FOREMOST. Then it means developing a holistic approach to fulfilling our goals, dreams, and desires, by designing our life and business simple strategic plan that powerfully aligns with our values, desires, intentions, and behavior while at the same time practically guaranteeing results.

Because of this, I am even more passionate and committed than ever before to helping women, like YOU, develop their deeper and unshakeable knowing of "I Am Enough" and then developing an Unlimited Women state-of-mind to help you design and live your extraordinary lifestyle while building a stronger, long-lasting, and sustainable business.


That said, I offer you an opportunity with me to connect, work together, and receive continual support in making your dreams, goals, visions, intentions, and desires manifest NOW.



The Unlimited Woman Coaching Method is specifically designed to help you integrate, heal, and gain the clarity you need about your dreams, desires, and goals that will powerfully help you create the life and business you deeply desire.

The Unlimited Woman Coaching Method is about women experiencing her eight elements of feminine success that will empower her to feel more fulfilled, satisfied, and successful in her personal life and business.


The eight Rs of becoming an unlimited woman are:

  1. Rediscover and Redefine

  2. Reconnect

  3. Renew

  4. Release

  5. Realign

  6. Re-emerge

  7. Receive

  8. Repeat

Each element of Dr. Anita's Unlimited Woman Coaching Method acknowledges and recognizing that every woman has different seasons in her life in which she must re-assess who she is, what she desires, and how she will allow herself to "receive" all that she desires for herself, her family, her business, and the world.


If ignored, most women experience feeling:

  • Stuck

  • Overwhelmed

  • Frustrated

  • Loss of her personal power

  • Confused

  • Problems with self-esteem

  • Settling for less in every area of her life (relationships, health, money, etc.)

  • Struggling with money

  • Indecisiveness

  • And, so much more.



magine, if you will, being a woman deeply grounded in the confidence of who you are so much so that you have the ability to manifest your dreams, desires, and goals, easily, quickly, and continually.

Imagine being a woman deeply connected to your spiritual DNA and truth that you KNOW who you are, what you are called to do and how to do it easily and effortlessly.

Imagine feeling good in and about your body, feeling energized and able to truly understand what you need to do to lose weight, get in shape, and look good!

Imagine being a woman deeply excited about your purpose and destiny as you work in your career, build your business, lead your team, and make a global impact with your brand and message in such a way that you are capable of creating, manifesting, and experiencing the kind of wealth and abundance you desire in order to leave a financial legacy for yourself AND your family.


Imagine being, having and doing MORE of what fuels you, inspires you, energizes you, and empowers you to experience more abundance in every area of your life.

Imagine having the attention and focus purely on who you are as a woman and entrepreneur as you create the life and business you truly and deeply desire so that you can experience the joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, and unlimited success that is divinely, rightfully yours.

Design Your Next Level of

Unlimited Success

There has never been a more crucial time in our history for women to truly show up in their beauty, wisdom, power, gifts, talents, and abilities than now. Our family, community, and world are desperately needing all women to heal and fully express their heart, essence, and spirit in every aspect of our lives and business.  


This I why I created the following coaching packages to support your guaranteed success.


(All coaching packages are available for our 3, 6, and 12 monthly payment  installment options.

This option must be requested )

Becoming an Unlimited Woman

30-Day Coaching

This is a very intimate program designed to focus all on YOU becoming limitless. Together, you and Dr. Anita will discover your next level of unlimited dreams, desires, potential, and possibilities as you become MORE of your divine self. We'll focus on:

  • Your Unlimited Woman mindset  

  • Your deeper dreams and desires

  • Your energy management 

  • Your wealth and money consciousness

  • Your daily routines that support your feminine principles and standards 

Investment: $997

VIP Success Mastery Intensive

Discovery your unique desire and path to taking your life and business to your next level of unlimited success in your private 1:1 intensive (6-hours) with Dr. Anita focused on spiritual and feminine principles, business strategic flow, and visibility to help you attract your next client, speaking opportunities, and become an influencer. 

omen have a very hard time allowing themselves to truly be successful, mostly because they have not defined to receive it, their unlimited success, holistically. 

This is a 2-day VIP Success Mastery Intensive can be offered face-to-face or virtually.

In this intensive, we will focus on:

  • Your current reality and your capacity to receive

  • Identifying your top three goals and desires for your personal life and business

  • Assess your receiving muscles and capacity to receive

  • Create a holistic success plan that allows you to

    • increase your inner being-ness capacity

    • increase your faith and belief capacity

    • increase your energy capacity

    • increase your system's capacity for success

Virtual Investment: $3500

Face-to-Face Investment $5000 (includes 5-star hotel stay, meals, 1 massage, and a gift from Dr. Anita)

Build Your Global Fempire

90-Day Intensive

This coaching package is a 3-month offering designed to help you get your brand, message, and business corporate sponsorship ready (This is not a group program)

Receive specialized and exclusive attention in helping you restructure your brand, message, and business to attract corporate sponsors. Our goal is to help you attract a minimum of $25,000 in corporate sponsors (or more)

  • 1-day Private Intensive, arranged by Dr. Anita

  • Strategic Planning for your brand, message and business
  • 12; 1-hour weekly sessions offered virtually or by phone (mp3 recording of all sessions)
  • Home study Attracting Corporate Sponsors System  
  • Resources and templates to aid your success
  • Unlimited text and email support from
    Dr. Anita
  • Includes one (1) product development either a novelette or 10-week series podcast launch  


Focuses on: Higher self-identity, energy and vibrations mastery, mindset, balancing your feminine and masculine energies, 

personal and business strategic planning and corporate sponsorship

  Investment: $9500

Build Your Global Fempire

(Application or Interview Only - Open Enrollment)


This is a 1-year lifestyle and brand empire-building coaching program designed to help you increase your brand visibility and recognition that increases clientele and program/services sales.

  • Focus:

    • Develop your limitless CEO mindset and lifestyle

    • Develop your divine higher wealth consciousness mastery

    • Feminine Leadership & Team Development

    • Review the 5-Phase 6-Figure Model

    • Design your soul-based business strategic plan, infrastructure, and automation process

    • Review and create your higher new program offerings and services

    • Build and establish brand recognition and global visibility

    • Signature Program product development

      • Two product, program, or event launch

      • 90-day Marketing and Sales Team support

    • A special 8-week brand podcast (production, broadcast and promotional support included)

    • Release 1 best-selling published book

    • Business Corporate Sponsorship Support and Attracting Corporate Sponsorship System (a complete home study program with current/active corporate sponsorship list).  

    • Graphic Design support

  • Receive 2; 1-day private intensives at a 5-star luxury hotel arranged by Dr. Anita

  • 8; 60-min weekly coaching sessions and 8;30-min followup coaching sessions (virtually or by phone)

  • Unlimited email support from Dr. Anita

  • The investment will be shared on private call - Schedule your FREE Empire Building consultation Call here:

In addition, this package now includes:

  • Marketing support - work with our marketing expert to help you articulate your message and offer your business in such a way that you are able to find and target your qualified customers

  • Social Media support - work with our social media expert to help you build your social media brand while building your community with qualified customers

  • Sales support - being able to have a conversation about selling our packages and programs is a foundational key to your business success. Work with our sales expert to help you create a script specifically to sale your services with ease, grace, and confidence

  • Money and Abundance support - no matter how much work we have done around our own money story, we all need continual support to help us stay aligned and open to making and receiving money. Work with two of our money experts to help you clear any energy and/or mindset blocks to receiving money through your business

  • Human Design Session - work with our Human Design expert to help you identify where your subconscious and conscious patterns interfere with your next level of unlimited success.

Our overall goal together is to powerfully help you build your "fempire" - a profitable business organization that has several revenue streams and is making a powerful impact in the community or industry that her business serves. As more women step into their feminine power and leadership,  we will have greater impacts on our families, communities, and the world.

Dr. Anita has now partnered with 7-Figure Funding to support clients needing
funding support. Apply for small business funding and quality up to $250,000.00 in
unsecured lines of credit. Inquire here without affecting your credit score: 

To sign up for any of these coaching packages, please go here:

Bonus & Included in all

Coaching Packages

Bonus Healy Image Clean.png

Experience the power of cutting-edge technology that cleans, heals, and elevates your energy, frequency, and vibration.

Dr. Anita has found a FDA approved 

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