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It's really easy to get distracted in life and in our business.

Distractions is one of the main culprits to why so many of us struggle with accomplishing our goals, dreams, and desires. For women, this is the norm as we run from one activity to the next taking care of everyone else before ourselves.


This is why I created the Unlimited Women of Impact Mastermind: Raising the Feminine Power for Greater Global Influence & Impact.

Let me get right to the point!


I created this mastermind for three core reasons:


  1. To help you consistently make yourself a priority in meeting your own needs, wants, desires, and goals FIRST (mastering giving from your fullness)

  2. To help you strengthen and master your ability to receive consistently (this is CRUCIAL)

  3. To help you accomplish your top three (3) personal and/or business goals for 2021


To share more, this mastermind is about your learning how to step into and live from your higher self that guarantees more unlimited success in everything you BE and do!

What we've learned is that success is 80% spiritual and energetic and the remaining 20% is execution. The more clear you are about yourself and your desires and goals, the sure you will manifest what you desire in your life AND business. 

In addition, research continues to state that when you are accountable to one person, the likelihood of your accomplishing your goals is about 62 to 65%. However, when you have regular accountability, like participating in a high-level mastermind, those percentages increase dramatically to 97%. I strongly believe that highly spiritual, visionary, and ambitious like-minded women join together for sisterhood, accountability, and support, unlimited success is undeniable.

What has also become ABUNDANTLY CLEAR about manifesting is that success happens faster and more consistently in community. AND, at the root of manifesting, is deeply and viscerally understanding the elements of receiving spiritually, biologically, psychologically, and physically. Most of the time, manifesting and receiving are only taught one dimensionally. It has taken me a few years to really get this BEYOND what other coaches teach. This is what you will learn AND experience in our mastermind!

Imagine having real relationships with women who get you, understand your challenges, hold you accountable to your greatness, unique gifts, and talents, who won't let you give up on your deeper intentions, goals, dreams, and desires, who challenge you to receive more in every area of your life AND business.


Imagine no longer waiting for permission to come out of hiding, to be yourself, to pursue your BIG dreams and desires, to allow in your highest and best. 

Imagine learning and embodying the art of feminine receiving that masterfully empowers you to be in the flow of receiving consistently.

This and so much more is highly possible when you are a member of The Unlimited Women of Impact Mastermind.


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What is a mastermind?


Masterminds were first identified and coined by Napoleon Hill in his 20-year study of over 500 highly successful businessmen and women in 1937 when he wrote the book Think and Grow Rich.


Defined, masterminds are, “the coordination of knowledge and effort, in the spirit of harmony between two or more people for the attainment of definite power.”

More specifically, a mastermind is an intimate group of highly spiritual, ambitious, and driven individuals committed to the success of one another in life and business. 

I love this statement because it means you don't have to be alone anymore. You have a powerhouse team with you, for you, and behind you. YES!

Imagine a mastermind dedicated and committed to your mastering the art of receiving. That's what you'll experience in the Unlimited Women of Impact Mastermind.


As a reminder, this mastermind is designed with three main focuses:

  1. To help you consistently make yourself a priority in meeting your own needs, wants, desires, and goals FIRST (mastering giving from your fullness)

  2. To help you strengthen and master your ability to receive consistently 

  3. To help you accomplish your top three (3) personal and/or business goals for 2021


Your next level of unlimited success in life and business happens when you:

  • Make yourself a priority

  • Follow sacred spiritual principles and practices

  • Develop a clear and definite vision, mission, and plan for your higher self

  • Commit to an intimate routine focusing on the art of balancing giving AND receiving

  • Clear and raise your energy, frequency, and vibration (works best when balanced) so that you attract more clients, opportunities, and the wealth and abundance (money) that you deserve, desire, and need

  • Allow yourself to receive constant high-level accountability and support

Intentionally designed, each mastermind session focuses on helping you begin to develop mastery in receiving your higher dreams, desires, and goals in your personal life and business while finding time to regroup and refocus on the “right” things needed to powerfully support your next level of success.

Benefits of Participating in a Mastermind

Here are just a few reasons you should join the Unlimited Women of Impact Mastermind:

  • Dedicated time focused purely on you as a woman and entrepreneur

  • Mastery training and mentorship to help you continue elevating your unlimited success

  • Develop your receiving and success mindset

  • Create a soul-enriched personal and/or business strategic plan

  • Refocus time-management

  • Improve goal-setting skills

  • Accountability

  • High-level networking & collaboration with like-minded women

  • Ongoing support (and giving of support)

  • Elevate your manifestation skills

  • Results-focused mastery

Past Unlimited Women Member Mastermind Results

  • A pay increase of $30k

  • New home

  • Move to the United States

  • Received a million-dollar housing contract

  • Two book deals

  • International speaking opportunity (in Costa Rica)

  • A flow of new clients

  • Summit invite as an expert

  • Magazine cover visibility

  • Financial breakthrough

The Unlimited Women of Impact Mastermind

Offered as a 4-month mastermind, at the core, each session is designed to help you reveal the "new you", your higher, unlimited self, the part of you that has mastered the balance of giving and receiving in ALL areas of your life and business. This is where we focus on, "working from the inside out, then the outside in." So we will look more specifically at : 


  • Uncovering the blocks to keeping you stuck and struggling with receiving - the ones that interfere with your receiving more in love, opportunities, money, etc.

  • Release all resistances using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other techniques and modalities

  • Redefine the art of receiving your higher intentions, needs, wants, and desires - bring forth your deeper spiritually and soul desires

  • Manifest like a Queen (in ease and flow) - learn the spiritual and science behind manifesting (brain-based and mental health training and strategies)

  • Keep your receiving momentum growing with group accountability

  • Celebrate REAL results 

Mastermind Schedule

Our first session together starts with a VIP Living in Overflow Retreat on Sunday, May 16 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. PST. This retreat is to help us set ourselves up for unlimited success in our mastermind. 

  • Mastermind Dates:  May 24 - August 23, 2021

  • Group Mastermind Time: Mondays from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. PST 

  • Group and Mastermind Format: Virtual through Zoom

  • Accountability and support in our private Facebook group and Zoom

  • Individual 60-min Sessions with Dr. Anita: TBD by each attendee (full payment members only)

Monthly schedule

  • Week 1: Mastermind Training by Dr. Anita

  • Week 2: Group Mastermind Session via Zoom

  • Week 3: Individual Hot-Seat Sessions (by request and in our group)

  • Week 4: Implement and Embody Activities (mastering the art of feminine receiving)

Mastermind Investment: $4000


For those who sign up for this mastermind and pay in full, you will receive:

Payment Option #1:

Monthly payment of $1000 on a 30-day payment cycle

Payment Option #2:

Monthly payments of $600 on a 30-day payment cycle

Note: All sales are final. Please review our Terms and Services Policy.

We offer financial assistance for all of Dr. Anita's services, programs, and products. To receive information, please email Dr. Anita at dranita@dranitamjackson.com

Unlimited Women of Impact Mastermind